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Froggy, Froggy Dew

I could plop myself up into first place in this month’s National Bike Challenge roster for Champaign County Bikes, since I rode in this a.m. The weather happily sent the wild storm through at 6:15; gone by my 7:15 departure but fun riding past the assorted puddles and swellings the storm caused.  (I’m sure select folks will get out and go long soon — but I saw this week’s unsettled forecast and figured I might make some gains…)

Last night was the Prairie Cycle Club’s Pizza Party to kick off the season so I rode home via Curtis Road.   Almost ran over one frog on the bike lane and saw four or five others over the next mile or so.   They were over an inch in size, some of ’em bigger, but I’m trying to remember how big a transitioning tadpole gets; they might have all been fairly recent transformers.   They *didn’t* seem to be trying to migrate across the road or anything; hopefully they sauntered back into the moisture and other cyclists successfully dodged ’em.   There’s a reason to install bike lanes —  a significantly safer buffer zone for frogs 🙂

Today I spent a mile on Church road chatting with another bike commuter about the marketing campaign Trek *should* have to get a chunk of Big Box Buyers to take the step from Bicycle Shaped Objects to well-fitted, well-engineered *bicycles.*   “You’ll never go back!”   Hey, I’d be *glad* to be a poster lady 🙂

Itty Bitty Bike SHop

That's Rentertainment's "itty bitty bike shop"

There are no bike shops on campus, and given the price of retail space they’re not likely to erupt. However, Geoff at That’s Rentertainment has made it easy to get the basics; sort of a “convenience store” approach.

Xious’s prediction/ hope: within the next 2 years, Casey’s will start stocking cycling basics. Hmmm… how to effect that change?

Nashbar Catalog Statement

Shoo boy, commuters are becoming a market.  Yes, I still need to find that site that lets you say “don’t send me your glossy, dioxin-needed-to-make-’em catalogues,” but in the meantime Nashbar’s catalog has on its front page a panniered *commuter* type on a bike path.  I don’t remember whether the bike had chain guard & fenders or not and no, I don’t expect Nashbar to carry industrial strength turn signals anytime soon…

Need new batteries for my SpokeLit, (which are available in lots of places) which I still like, except for the one that doesnt’ work ’cause the switch is malfunctioning (it only goes on *while* I’m holding it down).  That’s one of those “seven bucks a pop… made where?”  issues.