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IT’s bright orange, with reindeer antlers but — no doubt because of my *success* in not Getting Home FromWork And Plopping In Front Of the Screen — couldn’t find it this a.m.; found under a quilt…

So I was riding 15 minutes late — totally different commute. Stopped at four-way for bus to go … then accelerated through the next one b/c the Green bus was *almost* there 😉 Just pretend it’s a roundabout 😉

Will try to get a pic when I’m *not* late of Krewe de Main, the big ol’ house decorated for Mardi Gras (more so than they do for that other holiday). Planted earworm with sign bearing “and they all masked for you!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSZzsWRx_IE

It’s lots livelier that 15 minutes later. I managed to be after the 13-bus 7:40 departure from terminal … mostly 3 times as much pedestrian traffic — I don’t think more cars, tho’ I was more careful realizing “oh, they don’t now I’m turning left up here …” and itwas also very crunchy. Brian Moline said it was 33 degrees but cars were iced up and only most folks really cleared ’em off. One of those “I never have to do that to my bicycle” things 😉

… and I got my miles logged. Not riding Jan. 1 (freezing rain and absolutely no need to go out there… BYOOTIFUL!!! to look at though1!) was discouraging but.. past seasons there have been weeks of no riding and this a.m. got me over 100 ’cause I did a lunch lap yesterday.

Covid numbers not too horrible here — hospitals have more than 20% beds available — but Students Come Back to the U. the 25th… and bound to bring the fast-spread strain… oh, and the mayor of Thomasboro was a proud, jovial attendee at January 6 “demonstration.”