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so many little bloggables ;)

I need to do the little ones more!

Last Friday was BLUSTERY and if it hadn’t been Friday I’d have done the bus home and back, but hey, I stayed on thebike and upright for that rough half mile out of the college into town.

Tony Cherolis is in town in between lives, having ridden more than 6000 miles seein’ the countryside. So last night I went down to the bike project and helped out a little — everybody there was either a volunteer or “not yet” 😉

And I was up to #2 in “rides ridden” on lovetoride — but it’s gone corporate. You need funding to qualify for prizes. Folks, if those amazing benefits for getting your employer on board are that good, you wouldn’t have to be that cheesy. Honestly, it’s drizzly today and … I *didn’t* get done what I should have in the a.m., so I stayed in — but also because … I don’t ride for the prizes but yea, I’m just going to use the site to log my miles, thank you and nope, not worry about lookin’ good on their lists. If I’m a second class rider in their eyes, I don’t need to contribute to the stories, etc. or share out online… and *yes,* I’ll be looking for another option (as in, I can make a spreadsheet, too 😛 )

I *think* I simplified the bags on the Xtracycle — at least one bag-to-bagframe is now a velcro buckle, *not* three different entanglements of old innertubes. I used 2 old inner tubes, at Tony’s urging, to just string a bit of a barrier between bags and spokes, like a skirt guard though not covering nearly as well.

And I’ve got sparkly reindeer headband on the helmet 🙂 AND …

LOL it’s tomorrow and I have no idea what that was but I need to actulaly publish this 😛