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get visible

Let’s get Visible video  (

(found this in the “drafts” folder )

Okay, it kinda made my stomach churn a bit… but it’s kinda cute.  Duly note that these folks are in chillier climes – it’s the folks at momentum (b c clettes 🙂  )

Duly note that in an effort to reassure Public Safety that I was not in distress when the books fell on the 911 button, I believe I left my bag in the Chorus room, ’cause they called me early the next mornign so I could go pick it up.  They called me later, too, but hung up before I answered.  Wrong number – or follow up that was deemed unnecessary in mid dial 🙂

ccb :)

Shhh! Don’t tell! but if you’re out riding a bike with no lights next Monday ’round campus … you might just get two installed on your bike 🙂

Alas, Mondays aren’t free for me, so I can’t help make that happen.  (Planet Bike did help, as well as Barry putting it all together!)   The original idea was to apply the  money you would pay for the ticket  you could get for riding without a light to a light… but they’ve got lights now, but do want ot make sure they go on “previous offenders.”

Next Up…

What was I thinking? Ride looong the day before the lincoln circuit ride? Welp, still, maybe. I’ll try to make it the “get stuff done and then ride” carrot.
Had a fun ride home last night as a student with Soho was curious about cycling and our cycling community and good routes; we went across town together and lighter-traffic routes were revealed.
Rode the long way in this a.m. with minutes to spare *and* managed to wind down the energy level so as not to induce panic in those I approached at the tutoring table. There are energies science is afraid to explore ’cause some of them would be called spiritual… imagine, instead of being skeptical about such things, actually exploring the properties of the alternative energies – and *finding* the ways of exploring them that would not disrupt them entirely with the observation process?
Must find the rest of the blinkies of life!

SpokeLits Fixed :)

Andy inspired me to take apart the SpokeLit. I didn’t find a spring.  I applied my non-mechanical “rules of how things operate” and stuck them back together three or four times until they lined up better and worked.  Hurray!

Alas, not so fortunate for the Big Honkin’ Light.  It’s got a light and a thingy that sticks in it that connects to the battery down in the water bottle cage.  Bein’ as there’s other crap on my handlebars it sort of gets wedged… and alas, the wedging seems to have shoved the thingy around so that now it doesn’t connect consistently.  Sorta like on the Gazelle’s dynamo hub light, which used to work when I whacked it enough but eventually didn’t.

However, I’m on the calendar at Champaign Cycle for Thursday for my hub to be dissected so that *that* dynamo can get fixed (similar “loose connection” status).  I also replaced the batteries on the headlamp so it’s a bright backup.

I also gotta wonder about the authenticity of mojo.  Not only are more people smiling at me… the silly traffic lights are changing again, and the one at Neil and Hessel and the one on Pennsylvania had stopped responding even to the Xtra.  Have the galaxies shifted to put me back into the center of the universe?  It happened just before the particle acceleration, so that wasn’t it 🙂