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Illini Chill – windy, but not chilly!

Got in some real miles Saturday.. 48 of ’em.  I’d hoped that they’d whizz by since I wasn’t pushing studs through snow, but, nope, I’m in February shape.  I was pretty toasted coming home and I’m very grateful to the weather for backing off the wind for me – it was down to 16 mph when I got home, which was definitely better than the winds coming at us coming back from Royal.  It was mostly crosswind for the return ride, too, since I was going East and the winds were SSW.

Bike co-op was about 8 times as busy as it has been… and this morning there were bikes on my commute to church and assorted little errands.  I went out for the philo-old church loop and snagged 24 cans along the way… very well preserved from the snow cover.  (Going to keep ’em in that Big Bin and wait ’til I’ve got a few hundred or ’til aluminum recycling is worth a little more. It’s half hte price it was last year at the Golden Goat.)

Must clean Gazelle.  Let’s just say it’s picked up a fair amount of salt and grunge…