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Lions Club Ride ;)

Got there early and yes, the people going the long way who aren’t hammering do start before the posted “start” time.  Since their flier says registration starts at 7:30, but the ride starts at 8:30… it’s pretty ambiguous.  I’m wondering if they mean they’ll have the rest stops going at 8:30 ( the first one is 14 miles out).   At any rate, it was the usual great scenery, fun waving at the sag wagon, loving the trail mix but wishing there was better liquid fare than the Orange Generic Drink (the stuff McMaggots donates to such events)… but trail mix, I suspect, has excellent electrolytes.  (It’s homemade trail mix, too – well, not home dried fruits, which I’d like to do…  the highlight of the ride. ) Oh, and they sort of didn’t know we were still out there and had packedup lunch, but they unpacked.  Next year I’m going to suggest we ignore the “start time,” since it seems to be designed for folks either *not* doing the full length   or being those Decatur hammerheads 🙂

Got in a hundred miles and I’m feeling it today… not used to going out on the same bike right after, either, but what with the Xtra laid up, I didn’t *really* feel like, um, the Monday riders were ready for me to (try to) keep up on the Schwinn.  I’m bummed about the Xtracycle and my amazing ability to Make Things WOrse when I attempt mechanics (or plumbing, or…) BUT I realized that I shoudl be able to put the Gazelle front wheel onto it, and that, happily, is something simple enough for me not to break otehr things trying to do.  (I have the facts; I don’t anticipate the failures, and I apply my best strategies and intelligences to the task… but it’s like having a blind person choose a color palette – it’s done with rules, not the senses, so rather important things go unnoticed.)

Ride of Silence Wednesday.  Time for a bulletin out to cyclists…