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I am glad to have the air horn.

Came in via Old Church this a.m. which meant crossing Windsor on Race – four-way stop with oh, ten lanes or 12, *and* a bit of construction that impedes visibility behond the usual other-cars-in-other-lanes.
The far-laner to my perpendicular right hadn’t seen me at all, but I proceeded forth and the driver began to creep forward. My lil’ air horn announced my presence and the driver waited. Not sure how that would have turned out – perhaps just the driver waiting after going a little further, or perhaps me waiting in the middle of the intersection… but tootles made it all work out.

No horns for the Old Church situation – the opposite lane almost completely blocked by construction stuff. Cars coming behind me. Cars coming towards me. Would the ones behind me feel compelled to try to squeeze around me? Would the approaching…. the approaching driver, with three or four cars behind her, simply stopped completely while I grabbed the lane and rode on through and thanked her. What conflict? Not when drivers chill 🙂

I *do* want a working speedometer, though.