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Snow is still not ice :)

I even got out for a ride Sunday on the Dahon, things had improved so much. Monday’s forecast included snow showers so I went studdified, which was unnecessary ’cause just like last week not a single discernible flake came of it until after I was home.  We did get an inch “seems like more ’cause it’s fluffy” overnight, but on the groudns that an inch is not five inches and it wasn’t still falling, I hopped on the Gazelle.

It plowed right through the stuff.  I wish I knew whether I was just going faster, and need to stop being a weenie, or whether its freshness and (lack of)quantity meant that there werent’ ruts.  I’m 94% sure that it just wasn’t as hard to handle so I was all over all parts of the road, just plowing away, no hesitation about Riding On White.

I did take Green in and happily, ’cause I left at 7:40, I was sort of “between” traffic bulges. Unhappily, just after crossing lincoln my chain guard cover blasted off and I discovered those springless elastics wrapped all over my hub.  Happily, those jumping jacks I had done in the house every time the guy said “It’s 5 (then four, then three, then two) degrees at the airport” – 50 at first, then 20’s – meant I could take my gloves off and my hands did not get cold.  I was appreciative and amazed. Tried to telepath the good circulation to my brother who got frostbite last week because of Wegener’s disease.  (Steroids and Chemo type treatments this week.   Hoping for the best. )  So I snipped and unwound while a small handful of students scurried by.

Worked *hard* riding in – high heart rates at the stop lights – so I want to make sure there isn’t still somethign in the chain, but the headwind and the snow (and the temp) could have been the reason.  At any rate, I got my 60 minute workout – got to work at 8:51.  Cheeks cold but don’t think I needed the ski goggles.

Tomorrow will be at Urbana Holiday Inn.  Hope they have parking.