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New gadgets! Knowing neighbors!

Whereas, the Garmin I had for some years and washed… was not dependable. It liked to spontaneously shut down at a certain spot in my commute and then not fire up again. I shopped and picked a Garmin 530 — there was a different model for “adventures” that was a teeny bit cheaper, not having as many weird settings for training, but it wasn’t in stock anywhere.

I was ecstatic to discover that this model DOES NOT have a touch screen. Granted… then I wasn’t because I couldn’t just hold my finger on things to change the settings. However, my hands have learned where the buttons are, sort of, and that’s ‘way better than having to look down at the thing to do anything, and the stupid thing doesn’t change settings when it’s off the bike… so I took the time to make a “road” and a “commute” profile — each with miles ridden and Time of Day in the big bold frame, respectively and sunset, direction headed, speed, average speed and 2 other things in other boxes.

I also sprang for, based on other people really really liking it, the Varia radar rear light. I didn’t have it figured out by the time I did the Grand Illinois Bike Tour (shh… there was the losing of the Garmin and purchasing another… then finding of the first under the desk… ) And, okay, my novelist’s imagination thinks a taillight with radar is just cool. Hard to justify camera/light option since I have 2 cameras already that I don’t use — except … if it were built into the taillight then I wouldn’t have to figure out mounting and stuff.

Oh, did I mention mounting? Yes, after GIBT I perused the manual and successfully “paired” the originally purchased 530 with the radar. Put the newer one outside. (I had gotten the original with a protective sleeve — that’s how I knew the one I groped at under the desk was the original.) I’d dumped **all** the pieces parts into the same box so … had to find videos and manuals online to discern which THINGS were for the radar. Carefully looked at pictures, struggled mightily to discern that okay, I’m not sure the “pads” in the installation videos … were even in my box but … I thought I was ready and went out to, OH, THE ACTUAL BICYCLE with an Xtracycle deck and a huge crate behind the seat post. Hello?

So I snapped a pic and posted to the cycling group in FB.

The first reply was — a neighbor, from whom I’d purchased masks in Early Covid slipping dollars in an envelope in her door and getting the masks from between screen door and hard door because… COVID. I should swing by! …. cut to the chase, I summoned my social skills, took a deep breath and — oh, actually, we’d done stuff at bike project togehter. And she brought stuff outside to the place she loves to dohis stuff at (because COVID, yes, I had put a mask on but yes, doing it all outside was so much more consistent with everything!)… and we fashioned a pipe to be a fake seatpost in back of the milk crate and voila 🙂

… and … it is nice. It does its alert thing yes, before I know there’s a car behind me. And I’ve swapped numbers with a neighbor 🙂