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continuum of expertise

Usually I answer basic questions and do ‘checkout’ for sales of bikes and parts (no, paperwork will never be my favorite thing either ;))… but yesterday I got to use most of my repertoire of mechanical skills, too.  There were several folks with Plain Olde Flat Tyres, one of whom … how do I say it… would be able to compete with me in the “if it can be done upside down or backwards, I’ll do both” contest.  We found all four holes (looked like two pinch flats) and patched ’em, tho’ it took several attempts at all steps of the process.  That cute green fixie is back on the road and the other folks could do those more sophisticated repairs involving torches and flames and hammers 🙂

Considered trying to patch the Freeloaders.  Hmmm… perhaps with a staple gun?  (a BIG staple gun.) That woudln’t solve the broken latch problem, though.  I could justify replacement by hanging on to the old one for spare parts.  Indeed.