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rabbit rabbit

It’s supposed to be a thing you say the first of the month, first thing. It wasn’t 😉

Put on The winter jacket (and yes, I need a new one if only to go on top of this one tho’ I haven’t gotten any premonitions about the winter weather). I’d forgotten how easy the jacket makes things — it’s got real pockets and the hood is just right for coveringthe ears and keeping the helmet snug. (Today prob’ly switching to the Winter Helmet with Hallowe’en Headband — I found the gorilla tape to get the mirror affixed.)

46 degrees really is my fave 🙂 Endorphins happen! Now at 8:30 it’s time to see about getting a million things done.

And yea, at least a bit of a smile from the green bike lady. No helmet — wonder if ears were cold.. .

An endorphin thing ;)

So I cross Bradley to get on the sidewalk for my unabashed “nonvehicular” exercise and oh, my!!! another user of the sidewalk!   Coming towards me from a hundred yards away is a guy on a chopper bike, fully focused on… the apartments to my right, pedaling madly… No, he’s not scanning… so I toot my air horn.   He grins madly, says “thank you!” I say “Good morning!” and he replies in kind riding by, and I realize that if my “full body smile” is anything like that, no wonder people crack up laughing 😉

It’s a joyful morning 🙂

endorphins R Us

Decided that even though I wasn’t leaving as early as I’d have liked it to be, I was still going to try to go patronize Great Harvest, since they sponsored the art gallery thingy, which I did find the bank card so I could make good on the IOU ’cause I sponsored them too and got a handmade mug much like a chalice.

So I did that “sustainable speed” thing that is significantly easier to do on the road if I’ve recently done it on the trainer (or on a long ride, but those haven’t happened yet), and tossed in a little extra effort here and there, and got to school on time, even if I did have to give the evil finger (that would be index, pointed at the driver who did the left in front of me as the light turned yellow, thinking “a shielding on you and everyone you endanger today!”).   Then I went to the ATM to get said funds and was simply amazed at what wonderful machines ATMs are.  Wow!  You press buttons and the money just comes out!   30 seconds or less!  I realized I had a pretty good buzz goin’…  and people think cycling is a sacrifice ?!??