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Did I say invisibility was contagious?

I didn’t have further challenges today — but I think because I’ve absorbed the invisibility and factor it in – but it was a pretty dreadful day for cyclists on sidewalks today.



I’m rather afraid that since most people drive, the question will not be “what do we need to do to keep these cars and drivers from killing and injuring people?” It will be “we are the majority.  We *must* do something about these bicyclists. THe more of them out there, the more will die.”   And it definitely gives me the urge to get out my magic Engine Killer Ray and aim it at trucks and SUVs.  (added later:).  Welp, if that’s “antagonistic rhetoric” … wait and see what the reaction is.  Perhaps I’m wrong, but I do believe many motorists will believe that cycling is more popular… and more accidents are happening… and that therefore, cyclists should for our own good find a different way to get where we’re going.

(Note to self:  remember that commenters on smile politely aren’t worth getting into a lather over, anyway.  I was accused of demonizing drivers… when I never said one single word about drivers.  Not one word.  I want the SUVs and Trucks to disappear.  Then they can’t hurt anybody.  No, it’s not rational.  )

(added 7/17 based on smile politely link)

Dear reader — it gives me the urge because it’s DEATH and DESTRUCTION …  but yes, I recognize that it’s not a rational urge.  That same magic Engine Killer Ray would turn the all the guns in the world into flowers, too.  It’s an urge.  It’s not something I’m going to try to invent.

I also reflected that my grandpa Dougherty defined defensive driving as behaving as if all the other drivers just might be completely drunk and irresponsible… and that the current version of it would be to remember that any given driver might be psychotropically medicated with “not the regular use” prescriptions for rage management. Hey, it does make one think before escalating.

Fahrenheit 451, anyone?

I went down Green Street tonight — yea, I do believe that flash flag slows ’em down.

Oh, and comments were disabled on the story about they guy that got killed.  Wow.  Chill, people.  Chill.  (I had commented a question — who had said that the rider fell into the street, the driver? — and the story was edited to reflect that witnesses had said so. I was the third comment… obviously things went downhill fast.)