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Selle Anatomica Blues

… no, it isn’t blue, it’s brown, but … I think I”ve worn that puppy out.  Made some major adjustments to it on the Capital City Century, with that Allen Wrench and sliding it back, and that kept my back from simply refusing to continue, but basically I think I’m riding without a seat on that excuse for one.  Perhaps if I lost 20 pounds, an unlikely prospect, it wouldn’t be so bad.

They’re back :)

And it’s not just more auto traffic.  Scads more cycles.  I was led into temptation by playing accordion with a lady on a Trek — I’d pass, then hit a stop light and she’d be gaining… at First Street, I didn’t wait all the way to green, then reconsidered the example I was setting… it’s tough to be an introvert in the morning 😉  Then a fella caught up to me on Church Street on his sleek old  Schwinn and was all over the Xtracycle concept.  In both cases I thought maybe I should grab soem maps to hand out… but Mr. Schwinn seemed to know exactly where he was navigating.

Back to making maps…

C-U Across the Prairie’s coming

… volunteer gathering tonight at Jupiter’s — you can come, too!  (7:00… the one in downtown CHampaign, *not* the three-story mega-zprawl zoo thing out on Windsor and Duncan).

Over from Cyclicious:  Celebrities in Well-Established Lane Position ;P ( “taking the lane” in our current car culture unfortunately connotes  a zero-sum situation– taking it *away* from something… its assumed-to-be-rightful owners the Cages.)   The perpendicular-in-four-dimensions take:  “Performance” –  bike snob rap that is so bad it’s good.  Yea, I *know* that persona.

Monday heading out to the ride I had a veritable train behind me goin’ over the INterstate.  Might have been the Flash Flag … the tag on the car (SUV?) as it passed was AVE JOE .  I contemplated the equal-opportunity hymn that could be describing and googled to see it’s hip-hop (with a Starbuck’s image here and there).  Of course, that driver could just be from St. Joe down the road…

Yesterday I timed the time trial… yea, I wanted to get out there and do it on a fast bike, even clipped in — sure, I’d fall down at the end but I’d wear those scabs proudly.  Might just sneak out on the hybrid next time anyway — but no, not with the squirrel pelts in my wheels in lieu of disk wheels…  (if you click to see, don’t blame me…) Today I chirrupped two of the critters into turning around and contemplated doing a “with chirping and without” study of squirrel behavior, but they move out of my way too predictably for me to want to risk changing my behavior, even if it’s just superstition.  Yes, I *am* giong to stick the camera on my back end (the bike’s back end) and do a lane position movie, sans flags.  Maybe next week and the next since the Students will be Returning.

calm before…

going to try to go out and scout CUAP routes today because of tomorrow’s forecast.  Though the forecast improves with every update, since it started with  “violent storms” it’s only gotten to the “chance o fshowers in the afternoon” … but dewpoint so incredibly high that any instigation will prompt a deluge, any time.

Co-worker expressed frustration at a bicyclist with the gall to go over the Duncan overpass on the road, and in the discussion, frustration with the rider being “out in the lane.”   I defended with the explanation that the sidewalk has a ledge in it that may, in fact, not be there any more.  However, fact is that since we can absolutely count on cyclists not being considered until they complain, even if this might be one of those cases where the sidewalk’s safer (it’s not as if pedestrians use it), you can’t count on it.  However, that would be an arguable thing and so I stuck with the reality that our overpasses simply aren’t designed to accommodate their traffic, and therefore, yes, you need to sit behind the cyclist until they get to the top, even if they’re working hard to get to 8 mph.  Yes, I said unto her, the rider is smart to move *out* and make you do that, because otherwise cars will pass regardless and suddenly there are two cars *and* a bicycle in that space.

I also didn’t bring up that  notion that really, honestly, slowing TF down for a full 30 seconds on an overpass might not be horrible day-wrecking ordeal unless you let it be thus, though I recognize that we’re biologically arranged for that imposition to inspire secretion of stress hormones and it takes conscious effort to reframe the thought structure and prevent that.

Crept up a tad in the bikejournal ranks this week — left NancyBoy from Australia in my wake, though of course he’s in winter.  Some of the fokls I ranked close to by the end of the year last year seem far away — NEVERSTANDFRED at 633 miles ahead… velosaurusrex 422… and the fact is that once teh semester starts my Mondays go from 50+ to 14 miles, which really makes a hit on the totals.  I’ve also tried to convince my wiring that, um, bj ranking and the accolades for doing 10,000 miles in a year will pale under the light of … oh, that online interactive math or spelling lesson that’s brewing on my back burner.

new season, new riders

Maybe I was imagining it but I saw a fair number of riders on the way to church today — couple of fambly type units, and several trailers.  Some of  the riders seemed to radiate newness.  Reminded me that I want to assemble a hypothetical “committed commuter package” of my favorite accessories — flash flag, big ol’ foxfire light, spokelits and… something else that had nothing to do with night riding but I can’t remember. (No, not the whole floggin’ Xtracycle :))

Office depot has flashlights for $3.95 if I didn’t say it yesterday.  Yes, the batteries work if you take out the cardboard 😉

Rabbit, rabbit

… so I was one, I think.  Went by a fellow on Country Fair.  I get to the light and he’s cutting over to the left to the sidewalk — yea, the “wrong way down the sidewalk” — and his strategy is to cross when he’s halfway down, and dodge traffic to get across.  Welp, I’d say he’s less likely to land under a minivan ’cause he is actively dodging traffic, but … it ain’t worth the ten seconds gained, IMO.  Hey, just ride faster 🙂

I’m on the Trek because it’s Monday.  Still (barely) on 1000-mile-July pace. Got online CUAP and PCC registration done 😛 🙂 🙂   … will link to CUAP online reg once otehrs have found the mistakes that have to be there…

Saw my video!

Don’t get too excited, but I watched all 38 minutes of yesteray’s commute, as shown by the camera I taped to my Snapdeck.

Okay, I fast forwarded a fair amount.

Okay, I grabbed hte mouse and dragged the little pointeer thingie a few times…

It’s a zen thing.  Do you know how much traffic there isn’t on an early morning of a summer day? It’s rather calming.  Soon as I figure out how I’ll post it for your narcosis needs.

I felt a tad invisible today, though, even on the Xtra.  It’s a summer thing, I think – since there is so little traffic, people aren’t looking for it.

Bike to Work Week

Nope, nothing planned around here.   Last year we had a publicity person so Starbucks did coupons.

Since Ride of Silence doesn’t require that kind of extroverted behaviour, that’ll happen even if it’s just a handful of us.

Got all kinds of happy ’cause I got the tire on the Xtra with relative ease.  Welp, it’s not as if it is anything like round.  Ka-thump, Ka-thump…. but I had to get out to the PCC meeting so I hopped back on the Schwinn. Will see if I have time to try again tonight…

It’s raining violets ;)

Or just raining.  Drizzled on me going home – but had I *really* left on time I’d have missed most of it.

here’s the NY TIMES collection of folks’ photographs of the recession.  This afternoon, the “transportation” section was pretty much *all* car-related.  Now there is a pic of a bicycle – wiht a trailer and what looks like all of somebody’s possessions.  As the photographer notes, it’s a pricey model and the person is at the library… now, it *could* be that no, it’s not all their possessions – that they’re just haulin’ a load.

Still, I want to figure out a way to use bicycles to steer the culture towards being more and doing more and owning less and owing less and finding value therein.

I rode the ’68 Racer today 🙂 🙂    I am going to bring it to the co-op Sat. and make sure the brakes are all that they can be … and p’raps do other maintenance on bearings, etc.  As usual when I get back on a bike I haven’t ridden, I felt like I was on THe Best Bike In THe World.  It’s so nimble – not 14 feet long like the Xtra!  It’s so simple – no silly gears to have to shift twice and then back… (yea, need some adjusting…)  and the tyres are just big enough to give potholes a quick soft embrace and then bound on by.  Oh, and unless I put totally crushed cans in the basket, nothing falls off while I’m bouncing over those potholes 😛

Yesterday the concrete dropoff on Country Fair near the Bradley Light had escalated to getting its own barricade, which today had blown over so I stopped and put it back.  It’s been a big enough drop-off for me to want to ride around for at least a month, and having hte barricade there means cars expect me to.

Just the commute in, being drizzly and with lots on the agenda today.  I also checked my stats and I’m a full 100 miles ahead of 2007, which I didn’t realize had started that slowly, with soemthing like 236 miles in February.  Of course, I had 1100 and 1200 mile months later, and 930 miles in December, which may be hard to replicate, but hey, if I graduate to a 300K and the training to get there (Dairyland Dare is a tad unlikely … but who knows?)