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It’s Unofficial! It’s Cold! I rode!

Airport temp one below accordign to WILL, and they didn’t bother to read their own thermometer… but I bundled up four layers thick to ride on in.   (At 17 below I threw my snowmobile suit from my motorcycle days over everythign, but it’s waddlesome with lousy range of motion, so I demurred.)

I brought the bicycle in the night before so it would be more pleasant to mount, and when I brought it outside decided to try just the little balaclava (really thin) and the “commuter gloves,” but I tossed my thick gloves and my full-on face mask in the backpack.    I’d done 5 minutes on the trainer, and … my hands never got cold.  I never got cold.   I got a teeny bit chilly on the last stretch — because I had stopped at Mattis traffic light, Country Fair traffic light, and Bradley traffic light.

Oh, and it still stinks that the walk isn’t cleared on Bradley… I need to see who to talk to about that.

And I still have to ride home.  On Unofficial.   SOmebody asked on FB if it was a “real thing,” and somebody explained that yea, it was, “kegs and eggs,” and yea, one of my students will be cleaning that stuff off the busses tonight.

Happy New Year~

Since I didn’t go east, and spend 22 hours (min) driving, I could spend an extra 4 today riding, right?  Answered burning question:  yes, the body can sustain warmth for 2 hours at 9-14 degrees.   (Did 1.5 hours on the Xtra, ate, then 2.2 hours on the Trek.) (Yes, once you stop, that cold air between the layers gets *cold* even if you’re inside. Shed ’em quick!)  A little disappointed that I just didn’t have it in me to turn it into even a metric – 42 miles was “stick a fork in me, I’m done,” but my inner coach reminds me that the only way to get there is to go out and work up to it, and yea verily, I worked. He also said that I should have eaten more 😉   (I am also confident that under these conditions, there’s a very slippery slope from “discomfort” to “danger,” and I’m a middle aged lady with no desire for danger. Endorphins, not adrenaline, I seek. However, I *did* do some charging into the wind… p’raps I should find ye olde heart rate monitor…)

I also wonder whether or not the drive train gets sluggish in extreme cold. I kept both bikes inside overnight, and they each seemed to require more actual force to propel the pedals as the ride progressed.

Nice little purple gloves were enough — no discomfort on the first ride, which I preceded with six minutes on the trainer.  Had to go through a “this hurts – it better get better or I’m going home!” phase that ended at about 15 minutes in (longer than the usual 7 that it takes for a work commute). Didn’t feel like I could take them off (as is possible at 31).

Keen San Antonio boots (uninsulated) over cotton rag socks and thin poly socks were totally peachy – I traded for sneakers between rides and the toes got a little chilly but maintained.  Still in search of something warmer than the sneakers but with more traction, tho’ I might just go for those spiky shoe covers, the tracks of which I detected when I went to shovel my walk. Also, tights/thermals/sweats made my thighs chilly still so I added the faux gore-tex for the second ride. Might be able to get away with three layers if the outer one breaks the wind; perhaps I’ll try tomorrow.

Time to go drop off some cookies… but no desire to make it into a 20 mile ride.

happy happy joy joy

Just little stuff (on top of the daily good stuff), but yea! I figured out how to Use Phone As Modem, so I now have Internet Access at home 🙂 😀 (Downside – has to be through Windows).
I think ’twas the swishy swishing of the snow pants that triggered memories; I realized that one of the reasons I like the cold is simple pleasure by association. I grew up in Maryland, where oh, 2 or 3 days in any given year – but not always – we would actually have all the factors combine and have… SNOW. It didn’t last long, and it didn’t take much to shut down everything… and close the schools. My school system was incompetently governed, so many mornings had the decision changing every few minutes, which only added to the excitement. So often it was rain, with “snow in the western mountains” (you bet I LOVED the year at Garrett Community College where I got to be in those mountains and revel in orographically enhanced snow!)
Therefore, I associate that chill on exposed skin with holidays and delights.
Other happiness: there’s still air in the back of the Gazelle 🙂 Tomorrow’s forecast is utterly dreadful – 40% chance of something freezing in the a.m., 80% chance of heavy rain p.m. Time for the gear 🙂