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Happy New Year~

Since I didn’t go east, and spend 22 hours (min) driving, I could spend an extra 4 today riding, right?  Answered burning question:  yes, the body can sustain warmth for 2 hours at 9-14 degrees.   (Did 1.5 hours on the Xtra, ate, then 2.2 hours on the Trek.) (Yes, once you stop, that cold air between the layers gets *cold* even if you’re inside. Shed ’em quick!)  A little disappointed that I just didn’t have it in me to turn it into even a metric – 42 miles was “stick a fork in me, I’m done,” but my inner coach reminds me that the only way to get there is to go out and work up to it, and yea verily, I worked. He also said that I should have eaten more 😉   (I am also confident that under these conditions, there’s a very slippery slope from “discomfort” to “danger,” and I’m a middle aged lady with no desire for danger. Endorphins, not adrenaline, I seek. However, I *did* do some charging into the wind… p’raps I should find ye olde heart rate monitor…)

I also wonder whether or not the drive train gets sluggish in extreme cold. I kept both bikes inside overnight, and they each seemed to require more actual force to propel the pedals as the ride progressed.

Nice little purple gloves were enough — no discomfort on the first ride, which I preceded with six minutes on the trainer.  Had to go through a “this hurts – it better get better or I’m going home!” phase that ended at about 15 minutes in (longer than the usual 7 that it takes for a work commute). Didn’t feel like I could take them off (as is possible at 31).

Keen San Antonio boots (uninsulated) over cotton rag socks and thin poly socks were totally peachy – I traded for sneakers between rides and the toes got a little chilly but maintained.  Still in search of something warmer than the sneakers but with more traction, tho’ I might just go for those spiky shoe covers, the tracks of which I detected when I went to shovel my walk. Also, tights/thermals/sweats made my thighs chilly still so I added the faux gore-tex for the second ride. Might be able to get away with three layers if the outer one breaks the wind; perhaps I’ll try tomorrow.

Time to go drop off some cookies… but no desire to make it into a 20 mile ride.