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So this winter is not as snowy as last year … and it’s still true:   if I get on ye little trainer for 5-6 minutes I can ride in comfortably at 10 degrees.   Did church at 7 this a.m. and should have covered up the skin on my face but the little purple gloves were enough… tho’ I think tomorrow mornign I’ll put an extra jacket over everything.   I had two skinny base layers, a sweater, a wind jacket and a jacket jacket on top and two skinny base layers, cotton pants and snow pants on the bottom… and my mesh sneakers and orange socks on the bottom; for the full commute I’ll remember to go with the boots since my feet were starting to get cool (yes, I’m a genetic anomaly).

Time to get the rest of today’s 10K with a trip to go watch teh game!

brisk and 22

They say the wind chill is 10 but that’s invalid whilst moving. Last night I had a “tailwind creep” ride – where I feel all creepy because it’s too quiet and I’m wafting along as if in a hot air balloon, except it’s too cold, too ’cause I would have to go too fast if I worked that hard. (Yes, having a working speedometer might help ’cause I would fixate on going faster… one of these days…)  I promptly had bad dreams that I dearly hope were a function of creep and not prescience.

Seeking driver’s license, so I cleaned off my whole desk, to the amazement of da boss. I told her I couldn’t do it without involving public safety, since in the process a book fell onto the phone, right on the 9-1-1 button and I had to explain the “nature of my emergency.”  I dare say sometimes it’s good to be a known space cadet 🙂 DL still AWOL.  Okay, I promise not to stop straightening when I find it?

I seem to remember that when it was rully rully cold the signal at Church & Mattis automatically went to walk giving me lots mroe time.  It’s not really cold yet 🙂