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That s word

Alas, my extremely memoriable experience with impassably slick ice happened before cheap video & youtube, when a surprise Christmas Day 15 minute squall squirted an icy sheen over D.C.  I’d driven through it and thought it was over… then interstate (395 – local folks) traffic was stopped — except for a big bus whose lights I watched navigate between cars.

I got out of the car after 20 minutes as did my nearest neighbor, and we walked forward to find out… until he stepped forward to where road turned to ramp, as in the things that freeze before the roadway, and he fell on his butt. The road was so slick that people couldn’t get traction to push cars, except to slide them all the way down to the far left lane, where there was enough debris and gravel to give traction.

My job was to tell folks that the group of 8 men were doing that “shove the car down to the gravel” duty, because the other lanes were impassable.  Most drivers then decided to test this theory themselves, and step out of their vehicles.

Every single solitary one said the same word as their feet slid hither and yon.  Dad with car fll of kids, sports car man, in seven or eight different accents (never reverting to native tongues)… didn’t matter.  I wish I could remember whether the fellow walking with me said the same thing…

Here’s some footage , just to remind you that MOTHER NATURE BATS LAST, dudes.   Wonder why I don’t here the S word….

speaking of red lights…

Over the holidays we talked traffic.  Here is a powerpoint in pdf format about red light cameras, including some dramatic footage of plowing into pedestrians with balloons flying, though it says the peds weren’t seriously injured.