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aphids in the air…

(exchanging glances?)

Alas, I don’t ride fast enough to splatter them onto my jacket, just get ’em to stick.  So, when I go into the house… htey fly around.  Blecch. Hey, I’d rather have aphids than floods. (Interesting that the Weather Channel didn’t give a Promo Name to the flood event in Atlanta.  Is it because the new owners don’t want them to, or because it’s jus ttoo close to home?)Rather have aphids than dust storms a la Sidney.

Monday, as I cruised by the bike shop at 10:00 at night, I shifted gears… and they wouldn’t cooperate.  Serious floppage aroundage of hte chain.  Had me hobbling the bike along enough to inspire a motorist to turn back and make sure I was okay.  Then I found a gear it would ride in and didn’t change it.  I figure the puir wee cycle was trying to get into the bike shop nad was simply informing me that no, I really should NOT do just a thousand more miles and wait ’til “off season” to get the maintenance that, um, I didn’t get three thousand miles ago.

So I stuck the Dahon on top today and cruised it in. That kid who passed me in the alley gave it several glances…

Must also decide what to do about its original wheel… the one with the drum brake and generator hub that simply devours bearings in a year.  Time to hit ye olde bike forum and see what opinions are lurking out there…

Happy Wednesday

P’raps just the anticipation of warmth, but this morning’s ride in felt really good.  (the tailwind didn’t hurt.)

That, and whilst sitting in on a class, somebody had to eradicate a bug flying around.  Granted, it was easy ’cause the bug was moving slowly, but Bugs in Classrooms are a Summer Thing.  Granted, it could have been a function of construction nearby… but I choose to take it as encouragement.

I decided yesterday that it’s time for this recession thing to back off.  Got it?  I got good vibes from the essense of the universe about it.

Oh, but my light bulb burned out. It was the wrong wattage and brighter… but I was seein’ how long it would last.  Not even a month; gots to go back to the derriginal output.

My patience is hanging in there better.  I wish it hadn’t been at the expense of the victim of my impatience, but if wishes were horses… we’d have a lot of cleaning up to do. If wishes were bicycles, then beggars woudl ride 🙂