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New School Year!

Definitely not as much traffic as usual, though I’m going in 8:00 not 9:00 and that’s most of it.

I was cruising West on Church and this humongoid truck from Midwest Rental with a pretty big tractor on it is just ahead of me and we’are approaching the Prospect light and I’m thinking oh, dear, I get to wait behind this creature and maybe make the light, maybe not… and he pulls on forward into the left lane 😉 He’s stopped at the light and now I get to coast up and anticipate the green and ease up on his right… I cruise through (and I made all but University and Randolph that way this morning 🙂 :)) … and he drives on forward and well ahead of me eases back over into the right lane.

I choose to believe he was Just Being Nice To Me 🙂 He got a wave, tho’ I don’t know if he could see me back there.

(Oh, I didn’t *roll* the light at Main and Race, but it did recognize me and go straight to yellow and give me left turn lane.)

About the only people out w/0 masks were people running. It’s day 1. Let’s see if we make 10 before schools shut down…

… and *plenty* of parking, tho’ the difference between 8:00 and 9:00 is always significant. Our enrollment’s down about 20% — admins think we need to market better while they slash jobs of people who work with students and they don’t grasp the possibility that maybe people aren’t getting through the system to *get* enrolled. I know several people waiting days to get in contact with an advisor.