The weather likes me :)

Yes, I did scamper out of work on time, knowing that I’d “pretend locked” my bike so it didn’t matter which pocket … or drawer… the key might be in…
Weather even told me I had time for that little extra loop to see the cool house on Illinois St. and… well, either attempt 25 miles on the day or stop for provisions.
I’ve got noodles and beer, and was getting the key in the door when the skies burst (I have an awning; I was not dampened).
THe weather also nicely stopped raining so I could go out at lunch for full 6 miles — during which time it went from clear to spoombly (word I just made up for when it’s so humid and unstable that the clouds form as you watch in fat, spongy, spoonful-of-mashed-potato-shaped bulging dampness) … so I came in and the weather nerd student and Nia and I peeked at the radar. Two tiny specks of green to the west … were red and orange in twenty minutes.
Hug your puppies and kittens! The red part here is done (but I”m not plugging things in just yet)… the garden is happy…

iT’S Summer :)

Okay, I  ‘beat’ last week by an hour and was out riding before 7:00, despite *many* “oops where’s my” trips.   Had to wear the princess sunglasses,  and I still ended up 12 miles from nowhere realizing no, I didn’t have a pump with me.   Fortunately,  I didn’t need one.

So, unlike hte previous two weeks w/ their later starts, I was not feeling toasted by 30 miles.   (Yes, I’m in better shape, too.)  Still, my shoulder is TIGHT and knotted up… from *last Friday.* and… by 39 miles I was ready for a break.

First time in at least 3 years that I  “just rode ‘way the heck out there.   My plan was to go do the four mile grid loop, then go out and do the “almost to Philo, almost to Tolono” 20 miler, to get 30.   However, when I got to 800 and should have turned right… I went straight because, after all, 600 wa sonly two miles further and I knew that connected to lots of roads back… and hardly any traffic and I sensed people didn’t expect to see bicycles.

Hardly any wind🙂   I held a 16  mph average between 6:55 and 8:00, too🙂

I decided against going to Sadorus because while I felt awesome and strong, a:   my shoulder was talking to me a little and b:   I had just a medium water bottle with the tea/gatorade combo that is potent, yet finite, to withstand c:   the high temp is predicted 88 so once it got sunny, I’d need more.   (I considered going to Duncan b/c there’s a water pump there.)    Still, it was 39 instead of 30  (so 291 miles on the month :)) …

No need to get on the Transport for its 30-day tune  up or get on the Gazelle for its End of Life Plans like last week, but there’s music at the research park that’ll require some riding… but now, no excuse for not getting stuff done.

Why I rode anyway :)

radarJuly62016The storms are north and south… looks like more coming but I’m inside now🙂


Not the ones on the road, the left one that’s just tight as all get out, the only fallout from riding my first metric in over a year Monday with a camelbak after I did 30 miles Friday with it hanging not-quite-right (or not quite left?)…

Delightful ride in with rain.   5:45 the wind suddenly picked up and trees were dancing madly outside the window so … I checked radar and a waving curtain of red yellow and green was wafting southward.   I emailed that I’d prob’ly be on the bus.

By 7:30, though, the “red” … wasn’t.   I didn’t check the radar again but the wind had died down and it was just raining, and every 5 or ten minutes there would be a rumble.

In hindsight I’d have been better taking the approach of the other fellow on a bicycle out there, and dressed lightly as if I were going swimming and pedaled hard enough to stay comfortably warm.   The rain pants that probably didn’t keep my legs dry (but I wore shorts assuming if I wore work stuff they’d get wet) and the Gore-tex jacket were entirely too warm for peppy pedaling, and I was on the Transport, so my average was about 9.3 mph and I’ve been rolling over 11 this past week (primarily because there’s no traffic to speak of).

Other event of note: Yesterday, for the first time that I remember*ever*, the light on Church and State was green when I got there.

Think I’ll break out the heating pad when I get home…

Happy fourth!

It’s Independence day… but I missed the parade ’cause we ended up going 5 miles extra on the perimeter ride and… going counter-clockwise meant no easy duck-in to shorten the loop since that happened ‘way too early this way.

Well, that and since I still had to ride home… I did the extra looop to knock it up to a metric.  I had to estimate — which I was was within a mile of, confirming w/ Ride With GPS — because I’ve misplaced the mini charger cable to my Garmin and since in searching for it I found my helmet in a weird place in the garage, I figure I might have put it anywhere.   I know I was *thinking* about setting it up w/ the dynamo hub but it wasn’t anywhere near the Xtracycle that I could find.

So! First metric in over a year, and because I was with the ‘slow’ group and we averaged about 13 mph (which is a speed I actually could sustain on the Xtracycle), I had plenty left.

About 35-40 people on the ride🙂🙂🙂

Oh, and the Gazelle…

I should take pics of it, too, except they would make you sad or mad.   My third bike ride of four was to ride over to The Bike Project and get James’ opinion of an injury to it.   Welp, that one place with chipped paint, he declared:   “That’s sound, no problem.”   Then he went to the bottom bracket, which is rust central… oh, and the place where the thing inexplicably deemed a “seat stay”  connects back to the hub of the wheel … oh, and the other place on the other seat stay halfway through? The tapping of the wrench upon them yielded a “not sound” sound.   “The rust is deep.”   (Yes, and it never sleeps…)

I’m afraid he didn’t even look on the left side of the bike.  “You have to stop riding this bike.”   (Not that day — it didn’t break on the ride home…)

So… I can swap out the dynamo hub sooner than later… and I suppose put that little carrying bag on something…

Time to get productive housework wise but there are pics of the charger-dynamo-USB set up to come…


Better than tolerant

I’ve had to go through campus a few times this past week, where there’s the usual construction happening despite the budget calamities.   (The twerds supposedly running our state  have, basically, signed off on a six month sort of budget — like getting another credit card to pay off this one because of the deadline, but with worse interest and further damage to credit rating because that will only pay the upcoming bills, not the unpaid ones from the *past year* of many, many defaults.   I was surprised to hear that many of them have not been paid since April or so and I wonder what it’s like to be the comptroller who actually writes the checks.)

It seems they have allowed a path through the construction for bicycles.   They had left a bit of a path – hopping curbs and dodging debris — before; and this has its share of gravel and debris, but you can get across the road to the bike paths.

I don’t k now if this was done after hue and cry (in which case we’re still in “tolerant” category, but they are at least listening) or if it was a recognized need (adding a tiny silver tinge to the bronze).
Now, the tinge would be even brighter if there were a clue given as to which paths go through to where.   It’s not obvious — all of the through-paths go around things and under things so none of them *look* likely.   Still, lots better than this from earlier this year:


Parked there for over a week. Typical Mother U attitude towards non Single Occupant Motorized Vehicles.

… and this past week — in doldrums of summer — there seemed to be lots and lots of joggers out.   Maybe they’re just out there earlier (we go in half an hour early these 8 weeks and get Fridays off)…