It’s November!

Yes, it’s gotten below freezing.   Nothing that a few layers doesn’t take care of.

No, car culture folks, it’s really not that amazing.  You have just as many routines for dealing with the Stuff Of Cars; they’re just routine.   Once mine became routine, it was the Car Stuff — will I need to figure out a place to park?  Where will I stick stuff so I can get to it?   — that was a bunbite.

Nice ride in, because 45 degrees w/ 15 mph headwinds is my favorite ride for endorphin generation.   Had a “bike culture diversity” experience riding in as somebody peeled out of a driveway about 2 miles from Parkland on a Trek 7200… hopped sidewalks and parking lots, including crossing Country Fair and being on the sidewalk there for a spell, then crossing back over to the sidewalk to my right (which may have been because of strollers and loiterers on the left sidewalk), and then as we approached Bradley, he came out into the road on a mad sprint to make the light.   On my Gazelle, having tried not to work up a sweat for my trip, I wasn’t even tempted (but I had to wonder if he wanted to beat me in)… and as I waited at the light a fellow on the sidewalk on Bradley on a Roadmaster crossed in front and did the all-sidewalks-and-paths option.

NEat thing is, of course, that on a pretty darned brisk day in November, there *were* three cyclists descending upon our hallowed institution.  The Trek in question was parked on “my” bike rack and somebody looking lots like the rider was in the lab working on the computer when I came in.

The Gazelle is riding nicely but my back is twinging a little (but that could be that leetle bit of yoga I did this a.m.)… and I’m hoping to get the Xtra back — but the Transport is on sale at Champaign Cycle.   1200 or so  and an awesome utility bike could be yours!

bike friendly isn’t all infrastructure

I’m riding west on Main Street and there’s a mess of construction taking up the other side of the street, and a car coming the other way.

Yes, probably having a whole lot to do with me being out from the curb, the construction guy holds the oncoming car to let me through.   Cool thing is, on a bike, you can just thank the guy all proper-like :)

Rainy and supposed to be stormy later… but oh, my, I need my Monday endorphins.   Things that were annoyances yesterday are challenges I look forward to subduing to my omnipresent will right now.  The delusions never last, but do get me moving in the right direction ;)

Still Stuck :)

The assorted blasters have not made my deck separate from itself in the back… I”m wondering, though, whether or not I ever undid it.   Perchance, if I can just undo the front, I can get the bags off.

Or, thinking as MacGyver would… I think I shall pry them apart.   It’s not just a skinny tube in a big tube, as a stuck seatpost would be.   It’s making a circle. So, if I can get two things in that space and just force both things apart, it might yield.

Not that I’ll have time this night or soon… and, worse, my dynamo powered light has separated itself from everything.   Everything put together… sooner or later falls apart (which Paul Simon album was that from?).

Whew! Wind Unaided Ride…

Yesterday I volunteered at the Potomac Rest STop for the “rails to river” ride to benefit the future rails to trails we hope to have between here and Danville. It’s a grant we have to match 20% of to get it to happen… I got up at 5:00 and got a ride out to the rest stop and rode home… 18 mph winds is what the weather channel said were happening when I got back and that sounds about right. Yes, in my face the whole way… and I’m heading in with 3 miles to go and get reminded that, oh, Washington Street is CLOSED … I’m hoping I don’t get clocked on 150… happily, it’s all done bar the last touches, so I just ride between the cones where a truck had just come through, adn nobody hollered at me…

But here is my question: how to get *this* apart? Want to switch out to my new red bags… XTRACYCLEbackend

Bike Project… on the road…

So… Bike Project is not doing this weekend ’cause so many people are at Bike!Bike! … which meant I was riding … and I hear “Sir??? Sir??? Sir???”
He would pay top dollar if I have a pump. Which, I do — he has a Next bike with cobwebs, flat tires, and the zip tie from the price tag which he tells me he just got from somebody who had gotten it with the intention of losing weight but…
But I can’t get the pump to really seat right… I really try, three times because I *know* he’ll think I’m bailing when … I tell him, “I’ll be right back, I live just up the corner, I’ll go get a real pump. I won’t even be really out of your sight.”
Well, I was out of sight, because when I came riding back he had turned around to sit on the bike… and said, “You really did come back!”
He’s got transportation now… of course, I do hope it wasn’t snatched from a garage, cobwebs and all…

They’re baaack…

We’ll see if I’ve got it recorded — I stuck the goPro on my helmet for the ride home, and decided to stick to Bradley and yea, verily… got mildly harassed by a man in a jeep convertible. I watched him decide not to go into the left lane to pass — he had the chance — and then lay on the horn… so I waved him around. He hollered something, so I duly informed him that he had a full lane, going the same direction and that, by the way, he was being recorded. (I don’t want to be committing wiretap offenses, after all.)
He shook his head disgustedly as he went by on Country Fair… he was on Bradley so he wasn’t coming out of Parkland, so perhaps a new U student… so much for a video of a totally dull ride.
However, the experience makes the point that okay, once every few years somebody actively dislikes me being “in the lane.” THey honk. THey holler.
They *don’t* run over me and then weep because they “didn’t see me.”
Interestingly, when I was coming ’round the bend on the perimeter road on campus there were four or five young boys riding bikes in one of the parking lots. One hollered out to me, including a “ma’am,” that there was a car RIGHT BEHIND ME, and I might get run over. I said we were both vehicles on the road, and thanked him…

They’re baaaack :)

Move-in day for teh Mother U isn’t ’til Thursday, but this Monday is Parkland’s first day of classes. 

On my commute in — it’s my later-arrival day — I saw two other bike commuters before I beheld the first car on the roads (Washington, east of Vine).   Then, not once but *twice,* there were three of us cycling commuters with no cars between us.   Twice I had to navigate around another cyclists (on the University’s sidewalks, dodging the construction and the lip-service-to-bike-friendly infrastructure).

    As soon as I got past Mattis, yes, the Weather Changed; no heat island effect so the fog hadn’t cleared, tho’ I *could* see the college unlike earlier arrivers ;) 

    This weekend is CU Across the Prairie… thinking of doing the “Family in town” ride as a “trip down town.”