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Did I say “enough already!”?

Snow is in the forecast today, too, tho’ not enough to get me on the bus. Still, my plan is to take teh studded tyres *off* the gazelle.   Fact is, with the nasty gouge in the back one, cardboard boot showing through, I don’t want to ride it anyway.

My latest accessory, thanks to John (I think that was his name!) and Michael at the Bike PRoject… at quarter to five I said “okay, help me start *thinking* about a rear mount for my big light.”   20 minutes later… we shall work on something sweeter than inner tubes for holding it on (the light comes with hefty magnets on the back) but it does need to be removable for battery changes.

And… I thought I’d seen it all, but heading out to Sunday’s concert, I noticed the pre-stop-sign rumble strips on Bradley were GONE — as well as the fourway stop!  It’s just two-way now. Don’t know if that was the plan (make ’em all stop for a while)… oh, but the rumble strips on Staley really do still suck hind teat on a barren possum.

Delighted that the word "steampunk" was used to reference my ride :)

Delighted that the word “steampunk” was used to reference my ride 🙂


Road diet, or bariatric surgery

Seems they’re doing something over on Mattis, so traffic is being diverted, so this temporary stop sign is up.  The backup was past Church Street, and while I considered sticking to the queue, the fact is that the concrete seam makes a big fat shoulder/right lane and right hooks weren’t an issue with cars moving one at a time, so I scooted past and took the picture. Oh, and the local constabularies were there to enforce. Police by temporary stop on Country FairIt’s windy and warm today.

Saw the usual plethora of bicycles on the way in and noted just how many had big ol’ Wald-style (probably Wald brand) baskets. (Everybody else had panniers, I’m pretty sure.  We’re a carryin’ crowd.)  Would have been a good day to snap a pic for “when to ignore bike lanes” because there was a driver idling in the one by Christie Clinic. Oh, he was *mostly* in a parking space — but it’s just easier to pull out if you’re out further, and isn’t the bike lane convenient for that? (Personally I don’t mind the behavior — I can move out and it’s not as if there’s traffic behind me to be slowed down as I do.)

Fast way home

I can do the round trip commute in something like 13.2 miles — scooting home to beat the plumber today proved it.   I did have an encounter with a Young Male Driver in a large (extra wheels in the back) sort of celeste green pickup who pulled out on me, and when I tooted at him, informed me contemptuously taht “I saw you.  You had plenty of time.”

I suppose he’s accustomed to giving people enough time to dodge him?  I told him something to the effect that he’d pulled out in front of me and he informed me that “most peo;ple…”  (would what? Have just ducked from his dangerously aggressive driving?) and then informed me that I should be in hte bike lane.   I pointed out that there were no bike lanes there (he had stopped to start this conversation out his window, an d then drove away talking)… so a few blocks later, he pointed out the bike lanes (as we approached Neil)… I succumbed and said “And there weren’t any back there… we’re not too bright, are we?”

I’ll work on sticking to the facts, as in “You pulled out on me.”   That “broken record” technique I learned about in my first classroom management course…

And alas, I attempted without success to not do the “Rewind, replay” of hte scenario but I’m hoping that since I’ve pretty much worked through the mental note of the level of threat (just high enough that I shouldn’t have escalated) and What I’ll Do If HE Shows Up Again (be that mature person who could be his teacher… and have my camera handy…)

And I did beat the plumber here.   And HOORAY my basement is dry.   When I thunked the pipe this morning, I swear the gurgling water in there said “Hey, we’ll do okay for  a bit.”

and hoo boy!   I’m 131 in the 2 mile challenge… movin’ up the ranks.

Details on Maul/Combs case

This includes lots of details about just what Errol Maul said happened (he looked down at some paperwork and then the bike was in front of him and he dind’t have time to slow down or stop   — I don’t care what you were looking at, it wasn’t the road, dude) and the law about revoking his license — and then there’s this:

“A phone call to the Circuit Clerk’s office yesterday verified that they had sent the “Report of Court Disposition” to the Secretary of State, as stated on their website (Case #11TR004615 was sent on Thursday, April 20). However, there is nothing on that report that would indicate that a fatality occurred in the commission of the offenses to which Maul pled guilty.”

Who put this report together? Kindly do not PRETEND to give one whit about Cindy Comb’s life.  Just how far does your disregard go?

I *do* have sympathy for Errol Maul.   I have sympathy for many other criminals, too.   However, I don’t want to put them in the path of temptation to repeat a crime  they have proven themselves lacking the discipline to resist (especially when their stories change to protect themselves, calling into question any remorse).

opportunistic chivalry

First, weather,   when this morning’s forecast didn’t have snow in it any more, and it would seem that as I requested, we’re done with the stuff…   I was thinking about my elevated social status riding in when… it started snowing.   Little cold wet kisses, they were.   WHen I called it “pretend snow” because it was only the odd flurry, it got dense enough to show up on the ground a little, but it’s “pretend precip” until the little wet dots run together.

I had barely enough time to come in the back loop, which requires a left turn into the parking lot, and of course all the other people arriving barely on time were getting in, too. Looked like an eternal procession — until that driver at the stop sign sixty yards away where two tributaries of traffic were feeding in (hence, the congestion pocket)  simply paused an extra few seconds, creating a Big Old Gap.  I was absolutely positively sure that it was done on purpose, for my benefit, and pondered how if we set up our culture for low-risk opportunities to have a little personal contact with other humans, we might like each other better. (When the ride’s endorphins wore off, I realized that of course the driver could have been on the cellphone and just not reacting but… naw, of course not…)

Doom or Possibility?

Can I get an Amen?

x84 6420

Hey, not everybody’s got the spirit… it started snowing a bit ago and we’re in a tight little strip of the stuff on the radar so I’m thinking we’ll get a few more inches before it oozes off.   So, I’m on the studs and feeling good — powder is infinitely less sscary than the hard stuff — and see a car a quarter mile off on Race and mount to go, knowing he’ll have to go around me.

“GET THE F*(& OUT OF THE WAY!!!!”   It’s an SUV… but… I’m mellow.   I gaily sing out “You’ve got plenty of room, I’ve very sorry to inconvenience your kind soul” (or words to the equivalent, and I do mean that) and they holler a little more and I say “Oh, I’ve already called 911” (yea, right! now, where is my phone?)   and they go around with passenger’s very pudgy hand with finger saluting me (but window rolled down on that side), leaving well over 3 feet between us,  I gaily call out “X84, 6420, got you…”   and they proceed onward.  (Oh, yea, my other influence was the lady who I’m sure hadn’t gotten into her house yet that I’d been chatting with about the likelihood of school closings.)   Oddly,  if there were a “scared/excited” scale like doctors have for pain, this has me at a 3, as in “aware of potential danger” and… might have a weird dream, but as long as I read something before I go to bed…  a big part of that being that if I have to think about riding, I can only give jerks so much of my attention.   I guess this is how it works for people who do exciting stuff all the time — I wasn’t as nervous about the riding, either, because I was paying attention to the yahoos in the car. Just no room for adverse hormonal secretions; not even very much adrenaline, just … hmmm… what’s a focus hormone?

The other car that had to go by on Washington didn’t take issue — and I was out in the middle of the lane, there, since I know there’s ice on the side.  And on the little bitty road I *did* pull over — but, after, there was room between parked cars and much *less* room on the side (and it was up hill).   No trouble getting the bike started again so it’s not even that slippery, but I bought that bus pass today for a reason 😉

I could have ridden today; it didn’t start doin’ until after 8:00.   Oh, and the snowman demise video has gone totally viral.   (One of my friends has declared the whole incident “classic ADD behavior”… which rings true…)

Oh, and it’s Yahoo guys lookin’ for jobs as well as CUMTD snowman doerinners. Ouch.   Hoping that they’re in a category where things work they way the should — where there’s a little down time, a ton of anxiety… and then a new job.