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Hanging with the siblings and nieces and nephews … the bicycle’s in the rental. We went to an indoor trampoline arena.   I wish I’d done the basketball thing first because there was a goal so you could figure out what to do with your body… I probably convinced myself about a dozen times to fall back but the getting back up on a bounce… my elbows were skinless and my back twinginp before I could get to that.   Have I mentioned I don’t know where my body is in space? I suspect if I tried to fall and keep head and shoulders up that I’d have kneed my face at least once…

(Yes, it was still fun.   Anything that involves using legs and quads repetitively is fun, eh? And watching the social dynamics was fascinating.   Lots of little kids and parental types.   Diverse mix and I suspect our party of nine might have skewed the stats because I swear I heard somebody say to her friend, “So many white people!”  just when I noticed… tho’ it was about 60/40   dark/light about then.

THen home to dream an obvious “life is confusing and I don’t know where I”m going” dream where I was at this marketplace/festival with salsa dancing, people selling plastic beads, chinese food, and my friends and I kept getting separated and it kept getting later 😉



CHill, folks :)

Yes, it was below freezing for the morning commute and still in the 30’s going home.   (Okay, it was 33 by the time I got to work.)

This meant that the house felt *blazingly* warm… nope, the thermostat wasn’t out of whack; it’s 65 degrees.  That’s just toasty, toasty when you’re acclimating.

LOTS and lots of bicycles this morning, too — which doesn’t make sense, because the U is off for thanksgiving.   Three were on the bike lanes on Washington, including one big fat-tired “29er” with a sound system… then not half a mile later a decked out Cannondale goes by with music emitting (and a something-pad on the top tube).

No, I haven’t seen Brian but that would be on 8:00 commute days and… actually, since our cruising speeds are fairly close, we’d have to leave at about the same time to meet each other (he just accelerates rather a lot faster ;)).

(No, I’m not chill about the state of the world.)

Ridin’ on…

Yup, the election happened.

A Jeep passed me and then cut over to turn right on Lincoln yesterday… so I pulled around to the left.   She rolled the window down — youngish Black lady — and I asked her why she had cut me off like that… she said something that sounded vaguely like “Why don’t you go back to sleep?”  a few times.   It was just weird and I’m glad things didn’t accelerate, and she went off to the right and on her way.

Need to put the plastic pumpkin back on my back bags — it’s like that guy with a pool noodle dangling; it gets me a little more space.

Need to get more tires 🙂   They’re what you’d have a picture of for “how to tell if your tire is worn!”  … all smooth and flat, except the  little gouges here and there.

Sigh, my tool fantasy failed to happen.  I bought a whole toolkit that includes the Torx20 I need to tighten my headlight; it’s got a mess of tools that work on computers.   So, I brought it to the conference in case I could Save THe Day.   It didn’t happen 🙂  Oh, well, at least I still know where it is!

It was sweeet riding in yesterday — drizzle and 50 degrees, and yea, pretty much all the usual folks out on their bikes, just with a little extra gear.   Yes, that’s right, people go out side and do stuff when it’s raining.

Lots of little things…

A lady on a fat tire cruiser had gone by me twice with squishy tires… as in, how much work can one person do??? … so I decided next time I would turn around and gently …  but next time, her tires were up and full.   Sort of glad I was so surprised I didn’t holler out “Great! You got air in your tires!”   🙂

That construction that closed of the already-crappy “bike route” through campus still had things blocked even though the concrete was done and smooth (and it ain’t a roadway — there were no stripes to add).   I shifted them a foot or two to teh side so a person could ride by… the next morning they were all the way out of the way, but the “sidewalk closed” thing in the middle was still there, which makes me think it was another guerrilla modification, not ‘official.’

APP!!!   — I need to get around to downloading it to the phone (of course I only think of that in the cave at work…) so that the data collectors in Champaign County can know I ride here. Need to share it, too…

… and I think my bags are so worn out that things are escaping.  I don’t *know* that the U part of the U-lock and … my keys… snuck out, but … I’m heading out tonight to retrace last week’s abbreviated moonlight ride just in case I somehow didn’t notice the keys escaping.   (Since I heard a *flash drive* fall out I would think I’d notice my wad of keys with the “2 mile challenge” bike chain keyring crashing behind me but…)

Oh, and BIKE SUMMIT!   separate post…

Motorized MOrning :)

No, not me… but the orange battery-powered bike that was right behind me on Main — I was out a minute or two early — caught up and we chatted, and “Oh! You got a new cargo bike? It’s Gorgeous!”   because I rode the tank again.   I put on the hi-viz jacket, too – but still felt like people were just not giving me quite as much room.   Not a difference between safe and unsafe, just… not as much room.   I’ll pay attention when I’m on the Xtra, tho’, because it could just be that there’s more traffic ’cause school’s back.

Yea, the “bike route” through campus is blocked for another few weeks.   Hey, it’s not as if it needs to actually be used.   It’s just got to be on the form they fill out.   I have to give the humans credit, though:   THE PICKUP TRUCK was PARKED ON THE GRASS, not in the middle of the path!!!!   So, Progress!!! (I guess I should consider taking pictures of that kind of thing, too… but I was really enjoying not being in a hurry…)

Replies to my sharing of the Clark Bar experience (which included a non-CHampaign person having to extrapolate that it was a drinking establishment, not a food source ;)) share my suspicion that it was somebody having a bad day… with suggestion to ‘park inside the fence.’   I rode by and … it looks like I’d have to hoist the bike up about six steps to do that and then wander through the weeds.   Disinclined.   Thing is, if it were a place I knew I liked, it would almost be worth it — except it’s really, really not that hard to provide bike parking.   We’ll just head over to Riggs Brewery, who are also having live entertainment…     … even if they don’t know basic grammar (‘has sang’ ???)


The tank unseen

Rode the green thing in today (the Transport).

It’s not as visible, Id on’t think — though this is a sunny mornign and we’re approaching equinox so the sun-in-eyes factor waxes.   Crossing First street, a guy w/ turn signal to go left was across from me  but  I popped out knowing I could get halfway across the lane before he … turned right towards me, not going wide at all. He braked hard and said, “Didn’t see you.”   I said with all angst, “Please look!”

Going to put the hi-viz on the body even if I sweat.   I’m thinking that the Xtracycle has so many things that flap and aren’t a “nice” shape, so they attract the eye.   Now, I don’t *want* the green tank to be all floppy and dangly… but I bet I could design an intentional irregularity on the crate on the back… maybe that dog-puppet I have 🙂

Just had the feeling (before and after that incident) that I wasn’t being noticed…

Champaign… Bronze…

… Last week I rode by the Clark Bar in Urbana and heard a band and … decided I’d psych my introvert self into stopping off for a brew next time — at least to discern wehther the way the sound system sounded in the street (pretty bad) was better inside.

So today I approached and thought “Drat!   It’s even a lonesome-acoustic sound that … I love… I’m going to have to do this.”

Or not.  No parking for our kind.  I rode all around the joint. Nada.  Took my introvert self on home for my own beer.  Went to their Facebook page and said so and noted the band — maybe they play at the Iron Post.  Urbana has bicycle parking — sometimes not enough.   Of course, Champaign can say “why should we hae bike parking?  Bicyclists never shop here.”   You bet!