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Yes I confess, I do it — but I don’t stick with the profiles.   So I don’t *really* know the life story of the guy on the electric assist bike who inspired me to think “hey, they could lower the threshold for removing your driver’s license these days — those bikes can let you stay employed.”

And this morning, as I cut into the parking lot that is part of the “Bke route’ on the Ruby Award Campus Infrastructure (it’s Lip Service — sidewalk, road, no cut curb so you have to do a mess of 90 degree turns).. this guy just pulled out where he’d been paused as if I weren’t there, looking everywhere… “HELLO!”   He sort of glanced at me… “Please WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!”   I was not deserving of eye contact.   Hey, Mr. PRivilege who does not deem me worthy of existing (did I mention I was profiling?)  … I actually said “A BLESSING ON YOU AND EVERYONE YOU ENDANGER TODAY.”   Now, I would like to be able to say it without the all caps… and I then realized it would be reasonable for him to have seen me an dexpected me to keep going straight onto the sidewalk (I didn’t because there were peds on it … and he was stopped in the parking lot, not moving at decision time).   I’m sure he heard it (pretty sure the pedestrians did, too…)

…  but holy everything, people are nuts.   Gunning down people in Vegas.   No trouble getting out of bed this morning because that on the news did things in my stomach.

Please, sane people I think we need to get together and either clear out the poisons that are doing this to people or strengthen them so people can’t do that stuff.


79.5 miles

This past two weeks I”ve done a few extra miles including a 6:01 lap around campus where I loafed part of it — and 15 mph average (it’s 1.45 miles) is significant on a cargo bike.   The car thing — I still don’t have a title on it.  (oops, that charger isn’t plugged in yet…)   But still… the 44 mile “Rail to Trail fundraiser” ride at Homer Lake, okay, I’ll ride to it (13 miles)… probably see if I can toss the bike in somebody’s vehicle at the end because … I”m not in shape … Except … yea, we ended up doing a scenic ride home instead  and after 79 miles I am ready to … go for a bike ride.

People, get a bike that fits 🙂   Nothing is sore — I don’t even feel tired.   (Erm, yes, we also .had high temps in the 70’s.   Heat exhausts me. Oh, and… the wind picked up and yea, we were sailing home. )

5 miles from 5000 on the year — maybe the errands will do that but I don’t let numbers dictate.   (I *thought* I had this but that was to make 700 on the month.)

I asked and they said about 125 participants.  It felt like more than that.


On Time!

DIdn’t have to make the lights this a.m. to cruise in … 75 degrees already 😦   I shall ride tomorrow b/c of all those motivational things on twitter.   Winds from the SE again.   Gee, if I were really a weather goddess, the winds would have allowed me to demo a 30-ish mile route in all the different directions.    We’ll see – the possibilities are many.

Solidarity : )

Early commute day… that half mile stretch on White Street had 1 bicycle pass me, four or five come the other way, 3 busses go by one way or the other and 2 or 3 of those car things.   Pretty good proportions in my book 🙂

I was just enough ahead of the busses (there’s a “mass departure” at 7:40 from the terminal I ride by so transfers can happen) to greet the regular bus riders waiting at the stop and several didn’t seem that happy to greet the day.   In the second mile on Church two cars approached from behind and one used a horn (no close calls, nothing aggressive and I didn’t really see who was honking at whom — me? other driver?)   – and another ‘morning regular’ called out some unintelligible but supportive greeting at me. I appreciated the lift it gave me — the feeling that the *people* on the streets are in this thing together and the machines of menace aren’t going to defeat us.

Think I’m going to try to include a little more of that sentiment in my greetings henceforth.

Maria’s category four and slamming Puerto Rico.   We were so relieved when Irma wasn’t a direct hit.   Humans:   help each other.


… yes, the weather was kind to me yesterday — I got to chorus as it started sprinkling.  Storms roiled and rumbled … and quit just about 9:00 departure time.   Went home under cloudy skies … storms came back in the night.

The Washington Post writes today about property in London where “nobody’s home,” because it’s foreign-owned and … they’re not there.   I *know* we’ve got that same thing happening at a smaller scale here and I ride through town on my commute contemplating the possibilities.   In my imaginary novel, you see, my little gang of conspirators listens on their apps and… when the constabularies are busy with distractions that’s when they quietly experiment and find these unoccupied properties.   The rules are that you have to have three layers of plausible excuses for when you get caught… knowing “justice” isn’t a thing, just “how the law works.” So we’ll work up some paperwork that looks like we’ve been hired to provide security.   Hey, Microsoft Word has neat templates for that!

Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I

whomp whomp whomp

Yes, within a week of deciding not to wait until my next flat to replace my worn out tire… I get a flat.

No, it *wasn’t* glass.   failed tube

It was a slow leak and since it’s right on the seam I don’t think it was caused by external forces.  Perhaps the changing of the tyre which required letting air out and then reinflating exceeded its tolerance.

Sigh, I had the patch kit at the ready even.

Commutes are busy again — and yesterday I went in at noon, so I got to see “busy campus,” though I don’t go on any dense-traffic areas. I had the gratification of coasting down Main and seeing a bike coasting faster and gaining… and then dropping completely behind me at the uphill part 😛

However… I need to reseat the silly thing.   On those rare smooth stretches of road, it’s just a tad eggy…

Da trail!

We had our “ribbon cutting” for the 7 or 8 mile stretch of bike trail between Urbana and St. Joseph Thursday.   IT’s been officially open for a week or two.   Official type people said something about having counted 500 people in a day using it.   We rode out to St. JOe in the evening… paused in town and came back.

    The St. Joe end of the trail is pretty awesome — it lands smack on Main Street and “The Wheelhouse” even comes before that.
    The Urbana end is … at the extreme eastern end of Main STreet at a dangerous intersection.
    However, it’s so bad that that might be a good thing.    People seemed much more willing to seriously consider bike infrastructure where it hadn’t been considered before… because they could see in front of their faces the benefits.
    Our new mayor promised to get a pancake house at a corner nearby and that it wouldn’t take the 20 years it took to get the trail going 😉
     My Saturday ride wound around Homer Lake and then down to St. Joe… and we grabbed the trail, realizing that this end isn’t perfect — the intersection with Main STreet would run us right into parked cars.
      We rode back and then ducked South and around the urban mess that would be the end of the trail to our starting point at Meadowbrook Park, with good parking and nearby amenities, restaurants, banks, the “Red Bicycle Ice Cream SHoppe…”    a slight side trip gets you to Riggs BRewery…
      So, downtown Urbana Business District… sorry/not-sorry!   I’m thinking getting the word out and maybe even some creative “wayfinding” for people is in order…