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… stop reading right here if you don’t want speculations about How It Happened.

there wasn’t damage to the big ol’ truck that allegedly hit him (well, the man said he’d been hit by “the big truck, but he can’t say any more) that would “indicate fault.”   Much damage tot he front end of the bike (so a “statistically typical” non-rear-ender).  I wonder if he were traveling  North … and the truck had to swing wide and he was riding out in the lane … or maybe there really wasn’t room.   The report didn’t mention the underpass but I don’t remember exactly where it is in relation to the intersection.

It’s also a place where people don’t ride much, though it is the best way to get out to North of the Interstate,  so it doesn’t get the kind of “we need bike facilities here!” attention that the more common routes do — though we have discussed exactly that fact at planning meetings. Wretchedly, maybe now people will say that…

“on the prairie”

Well, Church Street is close enough — I decided to practice the high notes since I’m tryin’ that second soprano stuff for the Christmas Concert. Guys in contractor’s trucks as I rode by were singing back at me.  See why bikes are better than cars?

I really did have time to snap the bent light fixture at Bradley & Country Fair, but it probably wasn’t yesterday’s winds… more likely a construction vehicle.

On Country Fair yesterday I heard a resounding crash behind me… then wailing and crying and thumping on the roof by the driver (from the outside).   Another day/month/whatever ruined by a car.

Bicycle culture


I actually did click on a Facebook ad and bought a book on 50 ways bike culture will change my life ;)

A regular letter-whiner in teh NG spouted “the usual lies” about cyclists (we don’t pay taxes, we don’t obey the laws) in the context that our new bicycle repair stations were evidence of discrimination against automobile drivers.

My rebuttal would be Ya, you betcha!  We *should* discriminate against the polluting, deadly, foreign-oil dependent cagers… I wasn’t even out of my block this mornign before I’d passed a two people who’d just crashed… broken glass and dents… and the very sad … that was probably somebody’s pet cat.

Need to grease my little chain… note to self:  just buying Tri-flow doesn’t do it ;)

Found one! (“how to ride on path”)

… and I even like it.  — last updated 2003 –  has a rather nice summary of “where to ride.” To wit:


A multi-use path can sometimes provide a useful shortcut, and it can be pleasant and scenic, but many paths are no place for a high-speed training or fast commuting ride. Intersections may be frequent, and there can be confusion as to who must yield right of way. A path may be narrow, have blind corners, and be crowded with unpredictable inline skaters, dog walkers and inexperienced bicyclists.

Ride at a reasonable speed; more slowly when it is crowded. Take extra care at intersections, and move off the path if you stop riding. When overtaking give an audible signal and leave plenty of space if you can – the closer you must pass the more slowly you must go. Remember that pedestrians can change direction suddenly. A path does not automatically make you safe – you still must be alert for many potential hazards!

The “discipline” of creative thinking and humility…

I saw a man walking with an umbrella, and briefly explored the possible reasons for carrying a bumpershoot on a perfectly nice day – was it the clouds that *were* more plentiful than any day in the past week? Was the person going to be traveling on through the rains forecast tomorrow?  Was the person a compulsive brolly-toter?

I contemplated on the superior nature of these thoughts, and how I *could* have been anxiously musing on whether or not somebody would hate me or mug me or look funny at me … or, I could have been actually mentally preparing for the challenges of the day… or even remembering where my keys were ;) I reveled in my trousers, which fit nicely and stretch and look nice.

I proceeded to get to work and completely abandon all that, and get swallowed up in negative nonsense, and only when I finally had the good sense to go where I could see outside did I see clouds, remember the man with the umbrella, and apply that same “think creatively, not destructively” ethos even *inside* where pencils were being sharpened endlessly.

THe stripes have been added to Randolph and they’re nice — but no, I wouldn’t use the bike lane yet; it’s still too crowded with Pods and construction stuff. We’ll see…

Randolph Stripes

Per request, I snapped some pics of the new construction on Randolph Road. The bike lanes had been a major hazard, since solid lines directed bicycles to stay to the right of the lane where the CUMTD busses … turn right from, thank you.   Me bein’ a savvy cyclist and all, I did warily ken the problem and would make a point of positioning myself behind buses and to their right, so’s they could see me in their mirrors and so, would any other cyclist come forth, I’d be blocking them.   That never happened… and it seems now that they’ll be putting dashed lines in so’s them buses can get on over.

It was another morning of Constant Flow Of Bicycles :)

Yesterday we had the annual meeting for Champaign County Bikes. I rode the Xtra with the Maya and Charlie Smyth said he was sitting out Cranksgiving — so I’ve intimidated him with my very presence!!  (Not… more like, now I need to make up for the loss so — good people, NOVEMBER 13 — get on yer bikes and ride!)

Very Wrong Way, dudes... those folks coming out of the driveway aren't looking your way...Wishful Thinking, but I like the thought.