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Wandering through the wet

Still having fun with the Transport, tho’ kinda hoping Champaign Cycle will call & the Xtra will be done for the simple reason that Monday is my “out late” night and the Xtra has the good light.

I found two “lunch coolers” — one a swag hand-me-down and the other one I purchased on GITAP for some reason or other (carrying brewskis back to camp?  I don’t remember …)  — and, happily, both will fit on the front carriage platform.   Now I’ve just got to figure out how to secure them, and I think I’ll be able to do things with Gorilla Glue and velcro… I’ll slice up some of those old campaign signs to make into dividers… okay, pictures or it didn’t happen, right?

Alas, first priority is figuring out taxes…

Transport day 3

… Today, happily, it rained all day — starting a little after I got to work, and ending a little before I left:)    I could see a cloud leaking to the South of me when I left… and it leaked enough on the ride back to get a pretty glorious rainbow.

No bike pics yet because … that phone thing’s at work, in the charger, and I don’t feel like goin’ out and taking more.

I was poised to cross Washington and a driver eastbound slowed to yield to me … I turned and looked the other way so she went through, and then I caught her eye and nodded appreciation  (African-American woman of indistinguishable age — hmmm actually a bit like the Lovely Trucker last week but I don’t *think* so  ;))

So it would seem that yes, this bicycle has at *least* as much Sympathy/Respect Generation as the Xtracycle!

I had been thinking that if I deck it out just right, it can look all kinds of Official. I’d pondered trying to make the bags look more “hi-viz official” but then realized (when I started feeling like people were giving me a pretty wide berth) that its color is, well… “Matte Metallic Bronze” — or … I don’t know, perhaps “Army” ?   Now, I’d like to try to make the thing emanate oh, a more monastic/ simple-life “uniform” message (are there any monasteries with matte metallic bronze robes?)… (thinking back to that 40 degree rainy windy day y’ars ago when the guy in the VW bus loaded to the gills gave me the best peace sign out the window — yes, you can be reverent and joyful with one hand)…

I’m thinking *hard* about the dashboard, and realized that d’uh, I should do as I would with a writing project .. .plan the thing.  It’s something even *I* could do with technology… That front carriage place could hold a box type thing with … the battery for charging the phone/tablet/whatever, perhaps a mount for the whatever, and if I can figure it out, a GoPro mount.


Headwinds :)

Not too severe … but enough so that I realized I was working every bit as hard as when I went jogging for 4 x 5 minutes (’bout a minute respite between each clump).   Granted, I wasn’t running hard:)

Will be picking up the new wheels today (unless they let me know otherwise), and in my inbox was an Xtracycle alert from somebody selling their second Xtracycle.   Ah, that legitimizes my ownership of two longbikes:)

SVA BBY 2 – the lady who passed me on the right, cut me off, and then rolled down her window to chastise me for not being courteous enough after breaking the law (which I hadn’t, by any stretch of imagination)– has a big 2016 ELEPHANT (republican) sticker on her car.   (When I saw it from far away last week, I thought it might say “Trump.” Bet I’m right about who she roots for.)   So — the “I’m bigger than you so I’m entitled to break the law, cut you off, endanger your life and then accuse you of breaking the law and not groveling properly to me”  attitude … is consistent with the political rhetoric she advocates.   (That’s not a generalization of all Republicans, but, alas, is of so many and the policies they support.)

Lots of debris from the 50-60mph winds of the weekend.

Will post bike pics when they are here. Need to see what I need to do to light the thing up.

1 lovely trucker

Cruisin’ in and pulled up to Bradley & Country Fair and there’s a big honkin’ 18-wheeler ready to left turn to Country Fair. I read the “leased from,” looking for the usual “we hire!” stuff  and read “1 Lovely Trucker” on the cab.
And she is — I was already grinning when she gave me a solidarity wave (hey, you can tell a hostile honk from a friendly honk; waves work the same way).
Whether it’s 2 or 18 wheels, we’re rollin’ !

At another intersection yesterday, two of us  were heading towards the intersection, she perpendicular to my left, and I proceeded through as she was stopping– oh, by the way, my way doesn’t *have* a stop sign — and she went by with a just-after-passing “you bicyclists never stop at stop signs!” hooooonk!!  … I gave my best inane friendly wave and smile (and then honked back)…

And yes, I got wet Wednesday evening but there wasn’t actually lightning or thunder for my commute.   I did find it a little disconcerting that at the start, the 30+ mph winds were from the southeast… and from southwest entirely not enough later.   Thems was unstable currents…

Yesterday it stopped before my a.m. commute and then before the home trip — and the 30 mph winds were Plain Old Tailwinds.   However, I wish I’d listened to my impulse a few years ago to invest in companies developing products that withstand wind…


Okay, there wasn’t much.   It was really sunny in the day … with winds 28 gusting to 36 at 5:00.   Happily with the clouds, the winds tempered just enough — well, and I swapped out the Xtracycle for the Trek.

20 of us gathered at Meadowbrook Park — and nobody wanted to turn around and go back to Monical’s Pizza (which is half a mile away on the next corner). We went out to the Philo Tavern… and I wonder whether the big sign bearing its name lights up or if they save that for special occasions.   A couple of “new” people including a dad w/ kiddo in trailer … I led the caboose crew on the shortest route out which also *happens* to be the best protected, w/ those weird things called trees most of the way…

Hamm’s for a buck, dudes, and she made me a grilled cheese sandwich tho’ it wasn’t on the menu… pepperjack cheese:)   Oh, and brought us out an extra tray of their home-made potato chips (which I suspect were the source of my heartburn in the night which I haven’t had in prob’ly 20 years).

There’s talk of a ride/camp/ride thing this summer out to GIbson City where there’s a drive-in movie and cheap camping.   Possibilities are endless!


GPS fun!

Yesterday I accidentally clicked on a ride and figured out how to save a ride I had done as a “saved route.”

I’ve wanted to do that … I don’t know if it will let me do things like race myself, but…

So I clicked down to a few days back when I successfully filed My Regular Commute… and said I wanted to follow it.

It was nifty — and then I went straight across Vine and … “off course.”   Oh, yea, I must have turned rightand gone through the mall instead.

I wondered… and found out four blocks later that yes !  When I got back on course … it “found course.”

Oh, except it directed me to turn around and go who-knows-where… it couldn’t figure out that I was, actually *on* the course.   So I turned it off and turned it on again (happily there was a stop sign)… and it found it.

Oh, but … then there’s the part where I go “off road.”   It *can’t* direct me that way, so it tried to send me out and about, eventhough I could see the purple mark that said I was still *on course.*   Having the purple is helpful, and there might also be a way to set it to follow paths as well as roads, since Google Maps can do that.

And tonight will be the first 2016 full moon ride.  Sky’s clear but … gusts t0 36 mph.   Yowza.   I may lead a group to go ’round the block and to Monical’s… and I definitely need to get outta work on time ’cause … well, except if I’m doing “monicals” then I might as well take the Xtra?   Anyway, the Trek would need batteries for the assorted lights of life…

ROlling stereotypes

TOday on the tailwind cruise in I espied a rider behind me, weaving out around the cars on Church Street in near-gutter-bunny fashion.   He wasn’t *in* the gutter, but he was definitely huddling the parking lane and riding the door zone.

I contemplated whether I’d broach the subject… but I was going faster than he was.

Oh, until I stopped at Prospect… but he shoaled on past, to the right of the car in front, and cruised on through (probably before the green).

I passed him and, there I was at the front of the line at Mattis, but I didn’t have to decide anything because he swept over to the left lane and … oh, of course he had headphones and was in his own little world.  Just hope nobody intrudes on it….

Helped out in TS 101 Saturday and met some nifty folks — including Lily whom I’d actually already met one day a while ago on Church:)   THen she had been commuting to her not-fun job — now she is the Not-Car Traffic Person for the MOther U as of 2 weeks ago!   YEs, she notes, they have no funds and nobody actually wants to *do* anything… but we’ll just see:)

COnsidering that Transport — except I”m not sure when I’ll be by the bike shop.   Mebbe tomorrow… which is also Bike PRoject meeting…