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10:00 traffic

I went to work late this a.m. which means riding in a different circadian place, which is always fun.  I had to snicker when a car with a license plate “JONZ” went by, because on my normal a.m. route, RJONES goes by me… and I managed to catch him smiling yesterday.  (Hey, he must be kin, and my brother is Ralph JOnes,  so I tend to do  my full body smile as I go by…)   It was pretty wicked hot, though.

Happily, it had significantly cooled by the time I went home, though unhappily there has been NO rain. And I was riding and alternating between contemplating my math videos and stewing over assorted online comments and deciding that okay, I’d unsubscribed, but I just HAD to post the specific examples of condescending phrases and statements when really only a couple of people got totally defensive and said that there was nothing condescending on the site and my accusations were counterproductive (oh, and the praise was louder, so they were NOT LISTENING anyway).     And I did… but will unsubscribe if replies show up in my mailbox again.

It’s interesting that condescending people are too busy saying NOBODY ELSE SAYS I’M CONDESCENDING (to more than one person, of course!) so YOU MUST BE WRONG! (and beneath me, of course, but I’m NOT being condescending!)   Guess it would take a non-condescending person to take the time to listen to anothe rperson’s perspective 😉  It annoys me especially when it’s somebody “on my side” on an issue.

And as I’m stewing (but actually successfully also spending almost equal time on Algebra Ideas), I was not looking back much… so the cyclist who breezed by on my right was a surprise.   I’m happy to say that I had *Just* been thinking “okay, these forum things are good practice in using good manners” so that I simply said “On your right!”  (now, I’m workin’ on making the htoughts as accepting ;))

Kinda like last night, when a van driver pulls around me just before we’re going to cross busy Vine ST.  and yup, his right turn signal is on. I noticed some apparent confusion on the driver’s part as I lifted and carried and turned my bike to get behind the van, saying as if to myself or the van that well, yea, I did have to move around to get behind this jerk… Right hook is what it’s called and it’s not that hard to wait… or something on those terms… Ten years from now, if I haven’t been run over and I’m actually wise and polite all the time, you can look back at this and know it diden’t come naturally 😛



Here’s my official statement about the “slow bicycle movement” and the “epicurean cyclist” – and it’s not because I’m allergic to wool, honest!
Snobbery is snobbery.
It’s beneath me. I shall cast a long glance down my nose at it. (As one of my high school kiddos said one day, “I can tolerate anything… except intolerance.”)
(It’s also, IMHO, a waste of what could be channeled into good ‘movement energy.’ Celebrate our widening bicycle culture, don’t fracture it!)
And I’m gonna have to figure out a way to turn this letter identification thing off (it’s not o n my other blog).