Windy BUT

I expected to take the bus in today. Got up to hear Jim Meadows on WILL note it was 54 degrees and then back to NPR, reflecting that I’ve often been annoyed when they just read the forecast without telling me what the temperature is, but TODAY I want to know about the wind and rain factor. So, to the computer that says “WIND ADVISORY” and that it’s 22 mph out there and going to be 27 by noon. So I dress … for 35 degrees because my brain refuses to believe it’s 54… and note that okay, it *will* be 35 by the time I get home to do the 1.5 mile ride-to-Race STreet visit.

Then I looked outside. Erm, when it’s windy, tree branches move around. They’re not. I go outside. Okay, the clouds are moving briskly but not scary-brisk.. I go back in and it still says they’re 22 mph from the south.

Welp, Parkland is about 5 miles west and 1 mile north of me. Tailwind, though There Will Be Places where the buildings, etc redirect a strong wind.

I get on the bike (a solid 6 minutes earlier than usual, don’t ask me why) noting I’ve a pair of sweatpants to go over things at work – but I toss the rain pants in the crate anyway… and yes, a breezy ride in with the weird effects of areas of low, dark clouds and bright sun in other parts of the sky… I’ve gotten to work with the “extra credit” version — *at my desk* and seeing the computer say before the hour — 3 days rolling. Well, okay, I’m keeping track as of this week (so even though you didn’t ask why… )

The green tank’s chain is still … too hard and rusty to get into the big gear and yea, it jumps in a place. We’ll see. I ordered an S-6 to see if I can get theSchwinn Racer riding as if wheels were round again. Tires are abear to seat right — but perhaps I have the wrong S or something. I already got the Tri-Flo 😛 and the wild butterfly face mask

So it’s forecast to be back down to 23 mph winds — and from W not S so I won’t have to charge into it for that stretch at the beginning of the commute and … I’m up to 98 miles for February 🙂 *and* some of ’em not walking pace.

The Trek site had a “dual sport 1 Gen 4” for 650 bucks on its site. Not step through but looks like enough of an angle to help with my lack of flexibility… but it’s not at my shop. I might swing by there anyway… and see what the two “higher end” versions have. Except they *do* have a verve in the same price range and that is a LOW STEP thank you. Hmmm.

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