past days I’ve seen Assorted Riding Foibles. Coming from library, a prime bike theft spot (but recent cameras may have changed that)… a guy who was definitely “riding like he stole it” on a bike with minimal air in the tires. He tried to hop the curb and I said ‘you’ll need more air in the tires to do that!” as he had to dismount… he said something about trying to find a way to get around faster and that yea, he hadn’t pumped up the tires.

Wednesday I got to be nice to two different bus drivers in the same quarter mile — there we were, sitting at the fourth street stop light which doesn’t always detect *anything* (and no, it’s not going too far forward; you need to be on the left part of the lane and sometimes that doesn’t work either)… so I asked the pedestrian to poke the button and voila! Yellow! (I don’t know if it being like 13 degrees had anything to do with it) … then yes, the Teal actually goes under the train tracks and I pulled over so it could go first.

HEading home — talk about riding like you stole it, the guy was on a bike *with no seat.* Except I don’t think he stole it because he was riding strong, as if he’d done it on purpose like that rider from the Quad Cities who did that (word was “it was the triceps cities before he got there!’)

But also oh, I don’t remember the first idiot but going home eastbound on University … where was that horn? Oh, *behind* the car waiting to cross northbound. I hollered out a “thank you for waiting even if there are a** around.”

And… a few happy comments about my assorted lights ๐Ÿ˜‰

BUT today it’s 6 degrees and I got on the bus… this cold the silly chain would be sad even *if* it were well lubricated, and it isn’t…. THIS WEEKEND ๐Ÿ™‚

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