Just do it ;)

I went to bed early thinkingI’d get up early; when I didn’t feel like it, I attributed it to moribund habits — no real ride since last Tuesday. 19 degrees out there, a dusting of snow, the radio guy says might be slippery and they were out treating the roads. My road has *puddles.* So Ifigured… salt works… and it’s Monday so it takes more to get stuff together even if the “stuff” is in “I’ve been riding the bus” mode, and the get-to-work-at-9 bus leaves at oh, 5 or 6 past the hour, not 13 past the hour so I’d have had to wait for the 16 past the hour that may or may not go to the terminal so I’d have to think and pay attention 😛

Oh, 15 mph NNW wind and my last stretch is out on the prairie into the North. And my chain is ridiculously rusty b/c I *did* do errand rides. Drivers were *nice* — because yes, I was often Out In The Traffic Part … tho’ unlike last week, the sides weren’t icy, just snowy. I was working hard and goin’ slow — heading towards the Prospect light Iwas where normally I can make that next cycle… realized when I tried to get to that speed and gear up how slowly I’d been going and no, didn’t make it…

On campus I followed another bike’s tracks through the snow and yes, that Miyata that parks in my cave *does* ride in the weather. Slightly knobbier tires 😉

… and yes, I’m glad I rode in. It’s a “going to be worse tomorrow” — supposed to dive down to 7 tonight and that’s getting to “no exposed skin” range, and where if the bus marquee says “It’s too cold to walk!” I believe it 😛 (Today it was “BEEP BEEP.”) Tomorrow’s the bike club annual meeting — and now I’m *glad* it’s at the Urbana library not out at nice restaurant… in W. Champaign… b/c I’ll be able to bus it easily. Should toss the real laptop into the bakcpack though…

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