Still riding ;)

about 240 miles in this January… got the tank out (the Transport, the Trek longbike wiht fatter tires but STEP THROUGH I MISS THAT ) …. and pumped up the tires… but need to give the chain some love and lube. It’s lockin’ up. I also think another one of my pedal thingies might have a bum switch… except I might just have the same pedal light that has the bum switch. Need to find the fifth one (Redshift sent me a replacement) to see 😉

It amazes me every time a driver coming out of a big strip-mall parking lot such as on Country Fair…. does the stop thing a full car length *back.* It’s called GOOD INFRASTRUCTURE because they can see well enough to stop there to wait for me… and I can be confident they do see me! Today somebody did a full speed-around-and-pass a driver being courteous behind me, though.

Last January had 287 miles … but many inches of sloppy wet snow predicted for tonight/ tomorrow. I’ve been given permission to work from home but we have good bus drivers. If students come in for help, I want to be here, and if they don’t, I want to be here to hopefully do what I’m going to do NOW and get stuff done….

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