Santa Rampage!

Yes, I posted this to social media 😉

about 20 of us rode from Common Ground out to A Local Bar That Shall Remain Nameless, our leader having chatted up the manager and informed them that we’d like to descend upon it two weeks ago… but upon our arrival — there were folks outside smoking and drinking but it was a private party and we were not among them.

So! A quick text to the Ice House. Of course they’d welcome us!

Not only that…I heard somebody else being told “______ is covering the first round.” When I heard the same thing, I said, “but we’re only here for one!” And he looked at a person, who looked at him, and he said, “that’s okay!” and I realized nobody in our party was named that, and the person at the bar was just *really* welcoming us 🙂

And, while the address is on Prospect Avenue, it’s accessible without riding on that nasty road (that is getting a road diet, yay!!!) so, it just went on the “A” list like the Rose Bowl… which was our next destination with 3 folks playin’ jazz holiday stuff.

’tis the season 🙂

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