My favorite weather

… Raining, 42 degrees – not raining hard enough to go through the wannabe-rain-pants, and not much wind and tailwind for the Country Fair part. *Barely* beat the 13-bus-mass-exodus at Transit Center time-wise, which meant I was going through the construction when all the school folks were also at the school across the street (they’re building new athletic facilities for the school but a lane is blocked off). A “grateful people don’t mind just slowing down” morning 😉

Last night I was peeling home from the Sisters’ Residence and some people were comingout of, if it’s the corner I think ig was (hey, it was dark), a community center… people approaching a car so I went on around and was greeted, “Hi, Sue!” — so I stopped, said Hi back, and asked who they were 😛 Filed the name in my brain … *still* hoping to figure out some way to get the Brown Robe Center for Cosmic Enlightenment and Ciphering Skills (I looked it up: archaic: doing arithmetic :)).

HOping to figure out a charging station at home for pedals, helmet and lights — from the Jackery. Looked at the solar panels at GoalZero b/c Tony had one on his bike set up to look like Just a Front Rack … and the advantages of a panel that JUST CHARGES EVEN IF YOU AREN”T MOVING if the sun’s out are awesome…

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