Celtic fun

There was supposed to be a “witch’s ride” yesterday.. the leader drove becasue the forecast was for rain, and said that gosh, I could feel free to ride if I liked cold rain in my face and wet leaves that they’d just experienced getting back from the food coop. I noted correctly that … it was quite pleasant for me, in the Gore-Tex jacket (a gift from retiree who handed it down to me, but yes, now I understand why people would pay for it)… four other folks rolled in behind me to Riggs Brewery on their bikes.
Now, I also wasn’t costumed — that might have been a tipping factor. I spent all my time looking for lights and batteries, and not really finding either. The search will continue — there are boxes or drawers or something with them lurking! I also need to find the battery charger.
This morning was more of what my friend had been afraid of — and it still felt fine to me, even though it was *raining* and a headwind and in the 50’s. I’d dropped a pair of trousers in a plastic bag…. *counting* on it not raining tonight as I head for friend’s for Hallowe’en porch-hangin-out-at from work, an example of “no, I don’t want to be on the bus today.”

Sigh, our COVID numbers keep goin’ up — a slow, linear-like climb but … still climbing and sometimes it just takes a little while for the whole exponent part to happen. Hope not b/c lots of people are vaccinated, but yes, one of the witches spouses right now is still testing positive (well past day whatever was deemed “you are over it,” but fortunately he’s in a position to take time off) despite All The Precautions.

They’ve almost got Lincoln and Main done — hey, it’s only been about 3 *years* since they started. It’s a “when we’re not working on other things” project… but there is an island in the median that’s angled so my Xtra *barely* fits, and now there are signs with arrows pointing at the crosswalk and icons of peds and cycles. No, they had decided that painting a “line to stop and yield” would not happen, so the actual right-of-way is completely ambiguous. We talked about the urbanist group a bit last night and things like ductaping beg buttons 😛

The path through campus where they’re *still* doing some construction has been nicely unobstructed this past month, though 🙂
… and I have just under 350 miles to go to get to 5000 for the year, and October featured over 400 so … it’s achievable.

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