Whew, that was yesterday’s ride and the rest of the day, too. Okay, Wednesday was when there was some event happening at the middle/high school and people were going fast and weird to get there at what, 7:16 in the morning… yesterday the Urbana part was delightful, with the hand-cycle team going east on Washington (the stencil has not appeared again on any bike paths in town).

handcycle stencil marking lane

Then there were Just Lots Of People On Bikes… then Pay Attention, There’s a BUS (“Not in service,”) on Main street, wanting to turn as another car and I arrive and there’s no midwestern standoff as I figure out on the approach that no, the bus that got there first *cannot* turn until the northbound car is outta there so I roll through, that car rolls through and we’re elegantly proceeding.
Ugh, crossing LIncoln which still has all the sort of random cones, and it’s bottlenecked and sharp changes in pavement height where the bike route will be. I get halfway over and am scanning ferociously for safe place to wait (there are oh– except that big red constructiony truck has anticipated *me* and built in a gap in the traffic. Sweet πŸ™‚

Oh, but the mother U. I see another big honkin’ red construction truck a quarter mile away planted across the “bike route” through the fountain and since it *is* their habit to have it blocked for myriad reasons for a day or a year, I cut north for the little workaround except there’s a pickup truck with flashers on doin’ the “oh, stopped for a bit” right on that sidewalk. I maneuver the sidewalk since I know howto avoid the stairs and dead ends… and see my east-bound commuter person on the SICOE (??) … navigate through backhoes and that big red pickup truck. I knowshe made it ’cause I saw her this morning. If the U wants to get past Ruby (lip service) level, they could take the eternal amount of time to … block off the sidewalks ahead of time? (Duly noted: Urbana didn’t even do that for cars on LIncoln when it was blocked; drivers just had to turn around…)

and oh, Randolph was also bottlenecked so I thought I’d ride in the way I ride home, except now I was at *exactly* High School Arrival Time — *and* I wasn’t going any of the paths everybody else was so, lots of attention and bein’ really happy that I have a Really Obvious Huge Long Bike with Funny Stuff On My Head.

Last 2 miles were nicely boring πŸ™‚ with drivers bein’ their usual civil selves. OK, CE 53503 came close enough for me to do a mental capture of license plate but only because I was in high attention mode and that’s easy to remember.

This morning? Late start but I was still ahead of the big mass start… still all weird on Randolph with cones and unmarked pavement so I did the side path — and traffic was mellow enough for me to get across nicely. Oh, and they put a little extra blacktop where I cut into a parking lot over a pothole and I’ll always assume it’s ’cause I said “smooth pavementis so nice!” to the worker when I rode by πŸ˜›

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