(which I want to type as gargabe for some reason and that looks like a goodword…)

yea, garbage truck went by on First anddumped a laaarge cardboard box with all kinds of styrofoam food containers with leftovers, etc…. it was early enough so I helped most of it to the side; the few cars really were dodging carefully and it would havebeen a colossal mess… nope, didn’t take pictures or think to call dispatch & tell ’em (it was definitely a “this is the minute to make this better,” not “call somebody to take care of it”).
Paused again b/c there was a tannish hybrid leaning against a light pole and a coworker has been known not to secure her Trek 7.5 FX in our little cubbyhole… but it was a Giant Boulder. So, still quite possibly a snatch-and-drop – a concept people talk about but I don’t really comprehend, unless they swiped itand then got on the bus?

And did an extra 2tenths of a mile in the parking lot and *still* got in 7:55 and under 40 minutes ride time. (I think tailwind ;)) Yes, 497 miles in August.

Learned where the brake cable has to align yesterday — it had popped out of the places in the frame that kept it the right length and I failed to discern… but took less than 5 minutes at The Bike Project 🙂 I also successfully took the crate off and found the wing nut that had fallen off (Bryan had put two on oneof the bolts b/c … they get lost so easily… it *had* fallen into the side bag). Yes, I *can* lift the thing if it’s not laden down, so I got it up and down the nasty stairs to the basement where the bike project is without help. Week ago I really wasn’t going to get the thing back up the stairs, and it just about rolled over me going down because it’s just so heavy with All My Stuff.

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