Coming up Country Fair to Bradley T intersection and sigh, somebody *wasn’t* turning left… 4 cars already in left turn lane… I cruised up the right turn lane and plopped to the right of the left turn queue. The driver turning right pulled up beside me and gave me an affirming nod πŸ™‚ Yes, I sort of slowed him down for a second but yes, he could make the right turn.

Yesterday i mused that URBANA IS BETTER than Champaign because where they had sliced out pavement, they’d put enough stuff on the edges so it wasn’t Pinch Flat Central where Main crosses Lincoln. This morning? Well, they’re slightly better. I tried to use the median island — and kept going there but nope, they’d stopped the buffering.. It’s only for the car things. So I had to cut over and stay on Lincoln… the places in Champaign that had been carved are now really smooth, but no lines! Yesterday a truck just did “left turn on red after thinking about it” near the terminal… today I got in the not-right-turn queue because the bike lane isn’t painted and yes, when the light changed the city of champaign car in front of me signaled (lol, not before, that would be good driving!) and went right.

Yes, you get more practice Paying Attention To Your Surroundings if you’re a cyclist. I’m remembering as a youngster reading about people in the wilderness and it was presented as something innate… methinks otherwise.

Got to work sub-40 minutes today, too! 468 miles for August (had that week off in the mountains) so *might* get to 500 today with the final Wednesday Night ride. COULD NOT FIND the top to the bike blender 😦 Must order one…

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