Took the northern route

Okay, I didn’t start an hour early and do an extra 9 miles or so as Back In The Day,, but I did scoot up to Anita Purves Nature Center to drop off some “Lincold Presidential Stationery” with nice paper and envelopes that I picked up in 2020 when we were in lockdown and I was cruising the neighborhood slowly and it was in somebody’s yard. I’d used it to write a few letters — but letters to politicians about climate change are a good use for it!

Pretty much *everybody* out walking their pets greeted me. It almost felt like This Was a Political Necessity. It wasn’t the same vibe as last night’s “Hello, Rabbit Friend!!” greeting from somebody on a bicycle on Illinois Street… then I meandered west on the North side of town and considered Taking Bradley All The Way because it has new infrastructure. I was on whatever northbound road goes by MLK tho’, and a: remembered this being noted as a candidate for traffic calming, and b: there was a break so I could go left at Dollar General, and c: remembered that suggested routes had Beardsley, one block south of Bradley Ave so I took it 😉 Lots of “security cameras in use” goin’ through those streets… then onto Bradley at Fourth Street. Four lanes so not anger-inducing for drivers …but yes, it’s the highest traffic count in Champaign County and people are in a hurry.
Heading back, OH, roads are still chewed up and Champaign does NOT care about pinch flats (any more?) … I know in the past with this kind of construction steps were taken so it wasn’t such a sharp edge at intersections. Don’t know if it was Urbana or Champaign In THe Past.

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