Time to blog!!!

The season is changing and the people are comin’ back and every day there’s been a “oh, that’s blogworthy…”

Yesterday’s amusement was camera-worthy as I paused easbound at Clark and Randolph (or is it Logan there?), near the Christie Clinic and the Clark Bar, where it’s busy enough to merit a push-button for big yellow flashing lights for pedestrians to get across. Thing is, despite the algorithm, most of the time it isn’t a long wait. Here comes a westbound pedestrian, and oh, there’s a car approaching slowly… is it going to stop for her? Is she going to push the button? She turns and starts walkin’ south as another cyclist comes up, slows… and also heads south-like actually on Randolph, which is a one way street, for exactly the 10 feet or so to get the car through and then he and the pedestrian and I all cross the street. NOBODY wanted to be yielded to 😛 Passive-aggressive midwestern standoff (“No! After you!”)

This week I’ve been cutting up First street in the mornings because I’ve remembered that they’ve taken off the top of the road here and there west of there, with the Pinch Flat Ledges here and there and grooved, nasty pavement in between. Today I thought maybe they were done… but the crews were all out kicking up asphalt and dust so I ducked to the multi-use path on Randolph. It’s one way, have I mentioned that? and the left lane was closed; when there was a gap and I ducked across, here comes a car southbound (the wrong way)… coming home First STreet was even messier — but YAY!!! SOmebody was holding up traffic waiting for a gap to turn into Fiesta Cafe which is right before where I cross, so me *and* the 3 cyclists coming the other way (who couldn’t see squat except that I was crossing) could all get over safely.

Have I mentioned Classes Start Monday? Saw a dude with a dowel and a “Group 1” sign on top of it with a group of folks w/ GEIS T-shirts, and then other folks with GFX (G///(i forget) First-Year Experience) T-shirts. Yes, I am STAYING HOME TONIGHT, having called in the “ROAD WORK” sign blocking my line of sight tryin’ to get across Springfield to “dispatch.”

And yes, I am BEGGIGN it to rain tomorrow morning ’cause it’s dry dry dry and I got to 3400 miles on the year today.

LOL I will blog over the weekend on the nifty crate craftsmanship one of my biking buddies did for me 🙂 It does the Xtracycle proud.

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