Radar and geese and bunny ears

Geese are wand’ring about — but they parted to let me by on my commute! I wonder what cosmic forces are in play.

Monday I’m cruising down Main and espy a fellow trying to turn some kind of wispy plastic into something that would hold a huge package of toilet paper on handlebars. I pulled over (forgetting I’m in bunny ears) and offered my VEO (bike-share company) string bag but it’s nowhere near big enough… but yes, I had a stray bungee. Meanwhile, a red sedan pulls by “MISS SUE!!!” …”I’m the one who couldn’t type!” ANd now he’s got a good bungee, too 😉

I’ve been using the radar on the commute some, and I wondre if a camera with the light would have been a better option. If I resolved, as I did w/ the radar, to invest focused time in figuring it out, maybeit would get more use than the old ones. I dunno. I’m making enough major expenditures so nothing will happen in that direction any time soon.

I made my commute a “course” yesterday and followed it today. I can’t imagine it being useful for anything but competing against myself for time, which isn’t really how I like to commute unless we’re in ghost town mode 😛 Yesterday a guy went by me oh, two tenths of a mile into the commute, passing me on Washington doing at least 15mph and I was inspired to try to keep him in sight — but the rest of the universe laughed at me, as the timing of traffic and traffic lights made that absurd, so I went back to Commute Mode. This morning was a “3 minutes earlier, 5 minutes faster.”

The “course” feature? Pretty much every time I changed lane position, it considered it a turn onto a “trail.” Most of my commute roads were deemed trails, tho’ many of them have a bike lane or multi-path option. It tracked my weave around the fountain very precisely, as if it were something singletrack, not me weaving for the least bumpy places in the pavement. Between that and the radar, alerts were constant. Fortunately, that kind of noise doesn’t bother me (I’ve had to learn to pay attention to repetitive noises that would drive other folks bananas).

Got the Trek pumped up to take it out to rent car for travel this weekend (which will trash my mileage totals ;))… but/and its rear tire is … tired. I put some gorilla tape over where the top layer is peeling off in a spot and might just swing by for replacement today. It should get me out to Enterprise but I had considered riding it today (not too seriously b/c I’d have to carry everything on my back or do like the toilet paper guy : P ) ) but Wednesdays can be 45 mile days (yea, like my “younger days” arready but we’re rolling 11 mph, not 16, tho’ on the Xtra it’s equivalent to 14).

And now time to attack the morning!!! There is learning to be done.

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