…. is not meant for my commute. I had it on yesterday and … I liked it on Country Fair, which is 1/2 mile of lots of people coming on and off the road, traffic lights, etc. Rest of the time, it was a distraction. Yes, I could see the cars behind me before it did. My attention is better spent knowing that the car behind me yea, has the signal on so they’re not going to be behind me goin’ under the railroad tracks… we’ll see how it feels on the group ride tonight. I still like the very notion of portable radar tho’ for my novel I’d have to figure out a way to mute it when the bicycle spies are rolling…

Blender worked really nicely in the parade. I hadn’t really factored in how delicious a cold foamy lemon-lime drink is cruising at 4 mph down the street. Nina P. had her velomobile, which most kids called a car, and a youngster had an elliptical… think there was a bout a dozen of us out there. I don’t know whether the social dynamics would work to get more people out from the assorted bike groups. Hopefully a bunch of librarians will organize an online infiltration network to get people who role play to oh, not take high powered rifles to parades. There are so many other fantasy worlds!

Hope we get rain — I don’t enjoy 99 degrees like it landed on yesterday (real temp). TOday supposed to get to 91. And I *do* like the Garmin.

and a bike club board member got an email “from me” (not exactly the right email address) saying make contact please, and then asked for money to buy gifts for the board. Erm,no, he didn’t do that. They’re out there, people…

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