The Country Fair Drive thing happened again today: a driver coming out of the parking lot stopped a full car length before the intersection to wait for me to go by. It’s the antithesis of the “be as efficient as you can” and poise to pounce…

Then I”m approaching fourth street and a bus goes by right before the light and there isn’t quite enough room to clear me, but I hang out at the back end of the bus. Car behind me leaves half a car length reminding me of the Country Fair phenom — so I eased forward … and a guy behind him peeled around all of us and then peeled around and passed the bus. CR 88966. Thing is, the other folks don’t matter if that one kills you. Very much like DC12113 who hollered at me to get my donkey off the road — when the fellow who could swing into the right turn lane and get on the interstate exchange had given me a thumbs up, another car had proceeded behind him and… somebody further up in the queue had us all waiting an extra few seconds, but I’m sure that shouter thought I was the delay.

Used up a mess of karma today. Realized I had figured out Auto Zone was accessible on the way home, so paused to figure out exactly where it was… about half a mile away? Rode there, and oh, I’d left purse … on the sidewalk. Peeled back — man coming up on bike had not seen anything… but he was in the road. I saw… my raincoat; hadn’t realized I’d lost that. Bag not there. But … oh, bag and Pansy jacket further up. Whew. Whew. I decided YES I would go back to autozone anyway because I’d saved *something* …. but hwen I went in and said I was looking for a genius… then “the portable jump starters” and got a smile “I’m no genius” (“You never know your hidden strengths!” yea, I’m a teacher… I’d also overheard parking lot convo and they’re good people…)

But the internet was right — the only ones they had were the uber powerful top of the line and this guy made it clear that nope, nobody should buy them πŸ˜› So I didn’t! He said interstate b attery had good models for good prices… it was at the other autozone I think where they recommended I go to a different store for a maintainer when I had the car I never drove (which was when I saw the Genius thingies…)

Still haven’t found my Garmin… replacement shoudl arrive Friday or THursday (I go to campground Saturday). I wanted the USB power bank with jumper cable ends to have handy coming back to cars in a parking lot for a week. I’ve wanted one since I saw ’em…. but don’t want ’em $230 worth πŸ˜›
Tent did arrive. It’s a 2-person tho’ I’d considered goin’ bigger as a lot of people do. It’ll be nice to have a fresh tent πŸ˜‰

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