A twitter post reminded me of an article about “Bicycling as a Lenten Practice” from a long time ago, that isn’t online any more… yes, it was about how really, REALLY we need to not support the fossil fuel industry and warmongering countries. This article refers to … probably was that 2004 talk…

Interesting that I wrote that then, and today was also a Yell At Drivers day. I started down the street, with windy flurries and everything wet and there having been storms in the night, and thought to myself: “Drivers aren’t going to be good today. It’s not bad enough for them to just slow down and be really careful and be in high alert, and it is bad enough for them just not to expect … a bicycle…” and yup, it happened (TL:DR, no harm no foul). First just before the Terminal, this person perpendicular pulls around a Denali and I holler a “hello” because it sure looks like they were going to just Keep Going…. and the second time there was no doubt, on Church westbound and at one of the perpendiculars where they have to cut over a bit to keep going, and … they just didn’t see me. I moved far left, and they jumped and stopped, and raised a hand in apology… I hollered something like “PLEASE WAKE UP! TRY NOT TO KILL ANYBODY TODAY!!” and went along my way….
— and I can go months without that happening.
… yea, gas prices are up. I do appreciate people posting that this seems a minimal trauma compared to bombs and if this is the sacrifice to support those folks… wondering where the leadership is to say “hey, let’s cut back on this gasoline stuff!!!”

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