Pickup picture

Ride Illinois posted an article from Streetsblog about big trucks, with some pictures at the show. Welp, I think this pic from Robin Sholz in this article in the News-Gazette is even more telling. That’s the coroner there.

This is also a stretch of road where people regularly get hit, nearly hit and killed. This is second death in very recent history. When we brought our concerns to the city, people got very defensive and didn’t appreciate that we were, in their perspective, accusing them of killing people.

(From News Gazette in Champaign-Urbana.)

I wish they would get over their feelings and do something… but hey, a few more people get killed and we’ll be eligible for grants!!!

Anyway, another bus ride in today — and I salted my walk and watched for Imaginary Bus that shows up on my app as coming at 7:02 … it doesn’t 😉

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