dance missteps ;)

8 degrees this a.m. but I found the warm socks and it’s going to be 0 with an official “wind chill advisory” tomorrow, AND … I really wanted to take the Xtra on a Real Commute. The gears weren’t even frozen — they just need a different “click” than previous shifters. (The derailleurs are new-to-me in the rebuild — supply chain, but I’m all for me finishing up what you graduated from, and I *do* like the triple better than the “compact double” on the Transport.) And oh, I might toss the inner layer of this outfit in the wash and just wear it again tomorrow because I think it’ll be fine, tho’ I should figure out a way to cover my delicate cheeks (I have *not* found balaclavas of days of yore, and I don’t have the 3D skills to properly use the BUFF, tho’ I do the best I can).

So I’m approaching Wright and I see the 9B to my left and it’s going to go my route on White once I cross so… I pause so they don’t have to pass me…. and the cars from the right are going by and I see the bus driver figure out and signal to turn… except that last nice southbound decides to stop for me ;P So… I went through anyway and just ducked over …. Sometimes they don’t read the signs as well as others 😉

…. but … several days later update ;0 last night there were several “roundabout” dances where YES, the driver saw me lean over, stick my foot out… so they proceeded (we arrived about the same time), and then I could roll through …
This lovely Friday a.m. — rain doesn’t usually get me on the bus and yes, I’m wondering if it would have been anther day where once I was rolling, I was loving it… but it could have been a day that I got wet and cold. I have ancient memories of that happening but they’re lasting memories 😉 The snow means roads are smaller, and it’s windy, too. That, and I heard the bikes all the way from the garage saying “WHEW!!!” when I got on the bus, with all the Parts That Would Get Salty Water Up In Them smiling.

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