the dance :)

yes, the bike lane’s a mess sometimes on Randolph approaching University. Queue was all the way back to Logan/Clark (whatever it is when it meets Randolph), and I eased into the bike lane, saw cars WITH SIGNALS, yay!!! and crawled along and the one paused, then figured out I was crawling, and proceeded… and I sped up, and the car a bit back slowed, I pointed, and all proceeded happily.

Prospect, oh!!! I was a little behind…. BUT the car comin’ behind me slowed down and then went around… slowly enough for me to make the light 🙂 At Mattis, the driver behind me passed carefully and LOOKED OVER 😉 …. I noticed he didn’t turn on the red at Country Fair… new driver? And Country Fair… I love the drivers who are turning onto it and are 3 quarters of a car length back because … it’s midwest, they’re patiently waiting.

Wondering about closer crannies to park the bike for getting to library but… I like my spot.

275 miles for this January, not counting today. Don’t know if the extra tenth or three I stick on to errands will really help me get to the 1000 miles by 4/1 lovetoride goal;) Prob’ly won’t get to 300 but I might sneak out at lunch; it’ll be above freezing. Speculating that case numbers are goin gdown because a few million people are snowed in and a: not going out and getting tested — OR getting COVID.

Perused the Xtracycle site. Hmmm. I wonder if my Jackery generator with its solar panel… could charge the e-bike? Oh, I did charge one on that camping ride…. don’t think it got all the way but that was timing. So, I could rationalize getting an e-bike and rolling it on solar power…

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