covid crystals ;)

I’d have been on the bus pre-COVID – 6 degrees F out there so the gears are reluctant to shift and yes, crystals near the storm drains and crystals on my hair from freezing condensation. The layered cargo pants are good (over a base layer and under sweat pants — I didn’t go for the rain pants on top ’cause I was bulky enough and it was fine.) The deciding factor — not to risk the bus — was when YES, a second pair of socks went on nicely without making the inner one so tight it hurt. They’re not thick socks so my toes were cool. I *did* do enough preliminary leaping around so my hands never got cold. When it’s this cold, the cloth mask I stuck on for warmth but pulled down when it was too warm… couldn’t be pulled back up easily b/c of the frozen condensation from my breath… but all was well.

When I got inside I experienced the cold air from between all the layers wafting all around me đŸ˜‰ And the mileage total creeps up… tho’ I miss the humans on the bus. We might get another snowdusting –but not the inch that makes it “real” — from a clipper this weekend. I’ll talk to it đŸ˜‰

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