Keep on truckin’ ; )

Past two days were definitely “second semester has started!” commutes. Lots of interactions, from the hand off the steering wheel wave on Main Street to the guy calling out “keep on truckin’!” as I very slowly rode the upgrade to the light at Prospect. I was slow because I was timing the light 😉 Today was 11 degrees and I didn’t put the rain pants on — but the real pants are lined cargo pants, under sweats, over tights. My hands never got cold even for the first mile 😉 (They are always warmed up about when I go past Bruce’s BikeWorks, tho’ last Friday it wasn’t all the way to the tips at 1 degree F.) Today on White — I know now has “i-stops” for the bus, which means close enough to the U of I campus so that they don’t even check for passes or fares. You just get on the bus I’m approaching 3rd street and yea, the driver’s just going to wait — because it’s me *and* five, count them, FIVE bicycles coming the other direction (not students, commuters like me).

Lots of other communication dances including at a four-way stop where a school bus perpendicular left to me was turning right, so hey, I should just go except I realized, of course, the driver right behind the bus … nope, they had seen me 🙂 🙂 Gorillas aren’t invisible if you expect them! (Friend of mine was part of that original research and did not see the gorilla.)

Ordered 50 N95 masks yesterday. Fewer than 20,000 cases (yea, remember when 2000 was a not-so-good plateau…) yesterday but Mondays tend to run low. (Slightly lower than last Monday.) My weather tweeps are excited about changing trends but the national weather doesn’t point to snow Saturday… but tweeps are thinking the patterns will send something our way last two weeks of the month…

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