frozen shifters

Yes, I rode in today. Yesterday I worked from home, and having used the bus Wednesday, at 5:00 I just peeled four layers on and went to the store… and at 9 degrees, ended up doing an extra mile or two and getting to the “warmed up” place …

…. today I was ready to take the bus but went out to see how cold it was and… put the same layers on and got on the bicycle. Yes, if it weren’t for COVID I’d have been on the bus anyway. The person I chatted with during our fire alarm Wednesday *did* come by in her truck at the very last traffic light a quarter mile from campus and offered to throw the bike in the bakc. Well, you don’t throw my bike anywhere 😉 by the time we got itin, I’d be at school… and I told her “my hands are warmer than yours!”

Yes, it’s cold enough so there’s frost near the storm drains and I had frost in my hair from my breath.

Things will warm up after today (high 16, but tomorrow back above freezing).

SPeaking of COVID a friend works at Wal-Mart and half the folks there have it… oh, she’s sick but hasn’t gotten the test results back yet so she has to go to work because you can’t quarantine until you have the test results. No, really. Yes, vaxxed (don’t know about boosted, since after all I’m sure she couldn’t take a day off to recover from the shot either). So, yes, I wondered – tho’ she’s in another state – if folks might be getting on the bus to go to work under similar circumstances here.

Definitely had endorphins goin this a.m. 😉 That said, happy hormones happen on the bus, too. Hormones are highly underrated…

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