bluster ;)

I stuck a ridiculous goal of goin’ 1000 miles by March 20 on — it’ll sort of depend on the weather, but I did get out for 5 gratuitous miles today because of it! The monstrous even-more-unprecedented COVID numbers precluded a destination…

Definitely wasn’t Brian Moline reading the weather this a.m. b/c it was about lows of 40, high 44, low…. BIG pause, then… FOURTEEN?!?!? and then kept goin’. That’ll be Saturday night.

The Schwinn is rolling BUT the back tire is like unto an egg. Pretty, pretty sure it’s tire, not wheel — the S7 tyres do that. Reckon I should track down my bike stand and get it up there and work on it 😉 Contemplating the forecast for a chance of snow and dreaming of a bike powered shovel… would want it to be a trike.

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