So, yesterday I considered taking the bus home — to be honest, Omicron was a big factor in me just pedaling forth. Happily, it wasn’t fear-inspiring, tho’ I had to pedal reasonably hard w/ 24 mph winds fromthe south. I think the direction was OK for where the buildings were.

Listened to the gusts overnight — the storm line didn’t get here, really. When Brian Moline said gusts were to 40, I prepped to do the bus today — but went out to the bike to get gloves and … erm, sometimes the man doesn’t really update but so regularly. (Sometimes the temperature goes up about 10 degrees in four minutes…) And the “hourly” had winds goin’ down to 19 w/ no mention of gusts. And Omicron, and I haven’t had the booster.

Boy, would I have been annoyed if I’d been on the bus. Steady south wind all the way, but I don’t think more than 15 mph (and no gusts). Busses a little weird on the timing but I met the Teal at about Fourth (it’s a “on time and better” morning if I get all the way to First). 9B was leaving as I entered campus which is weird, but I thought too late to see which way it turned in case they just had the wrong label, since the 9A is *often* leaving as I’m arriving. Tag of the day: SAVUTAX (just a normal driver, tho’ ;)) … and it’s THURSDAY. Temps to be dropping all day but I’ve got the layers and dropping to 40 is still very much global warming thank you.

Pedaling in the weather, even/especially when it’s threatening, is awesome. One doesn’t need to go the grand canyon if you tune in to the majesty. Photosynthesis, for crying out loud, is beyond amazing. The power of freeze/thaw…. okay, time to get focused on real stuff now! COVID numbers for the state highest … the county not as bad but prob’ly just because students leaving. Try to stay safe, good people…

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