brisk ;)

It’s in the 20’s — so seasonably cold. Layered up — should have put that mask on though, just for comfort. I’ve got a Regular Passer for my 9:00 start days now — a truck w/ license plate FIDO. I can’t remember where, though. I do remember ZX1 1956 — as I approached where Main ends at Goodwin but I proceed straight across to sidewalks (thanks, city of Urbana, for doing the curb cut that the U. should have done but can’t be bothered) … and I see that the car to my right *is* slowing — but not to yield, to just turn and aim right at me. Stopped in plenty of time to my “It’s called a stop sign,” and loud recitation of his license plate, which he seemed completely oblivious to. Barely sort of almost on time, so I didn’t stop and feign a phone call, but I’m not sure he was paying attention.

New building on Country Fair was getting lots of diggin’ around — I’m remembering that’s where they spent many the attempt and years to get draining right, and finally, I don’t have to go to the sidewalks (cars didn’t even have that option so they sometimes floundered in the floods) every time there’s a downpour.

Need to remember to get to the bike at lunch even if I don’t ride to get the Christmas Tree and get the lights on it 😉 It’s somebody’s office plastic one from the upheaval moves…. County Covid cases comparable to last weekend, which probably isn’t very good since probably a lot fewer tests done as folks are leaving for holidays. The week was 634, second highest since prob’ly a year ago when vaccines were just starting (and rats, I missed the Monday morning test opp. Tomorrow!! Tomorrow!!)

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