Observant humans

Yesterday friend asked me to pick up a COVID test for her. So! Figured out where Walgreens was without *too much* riding on the nastier arterials and ducked into Walgreen’s on Springfield.

Took off the helmet and turned it off, asked about, got the test. Two folks behind cashier desk and one said something about needing a mirror after saying some adorable replacement for swearing…. and the other noted that my unicorn on the helmet was amazing, the first said something and the other “and it lights up!” I realized …these were people who paid attention.

When I pulled my hood over my ears and put it on, “It even goes over your hood!” Thing is, most people woudln’t have thought about or noticed that stuff if it weren’t in their experience world…. I have a funny feeling these ladies just notice and think about things. I wonder why 😉 I want to find people with that kind of smarts to oh, change the world….

our COVID numbers are ‘way up, like double two weeks ago. Heard this a.m. that a U athletic team isn’t going to be in a tournament b/c of COVID issues – so I’m hoping that’s the source (and since the county site says lots of cases are in 20-30 age group,reason to believe). 2 friends with fevers but it ain’t the COV. I’m HOPING not to get it from either of ’em….

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