Last week there was the bus waiting outside the apartments and then pulling off, tho’ the one day earlier a person did get on and a parental-type human walked away.

Mon and Tues I go in an hour later and – Parental type unit and child were out there as if waiting for … a bus. I got a wave Monday, today the kiddo had face buried in Momness. Better leave on time tomorrow to assuage the curiosity!!!

Today I basically pulled out onto a busy road … when the southfacing light went red, forgetting that just got left turn. Happily, the driver would have waved me through but gave me a sympathetic sign… tho the guy three cars back said “follow the rules of the road,” tho’ not particularly nastily (alas, more like “yea, y’all are all stupid and do this all the time, whatever”)…

It’s the price I pay for having been snarky about a conference session yesterday and calling it a pity party because it was all about how stressed people were, and I was all “I’m tired of hearing about it, can we just do something” and then proceeded to act like somebody who needed some self care. Sigh.

So even tho’ I was rollin’ late I snagged a big ol lazy-susan style desk holder of everything almost as big as the crate on the back of the bike. Didn’t have the base to rotate on but was heavy enough to just sit in said crate and I cruised in gently.

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